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Why Become a Vegetarian
The Advantages of Vegetarianism
What Plants Provide Protein
Build Strong Bones as a Vegetarian
Energy From Grains
How Fruits and Vegetables Protect Body Chemistry
Fat Fiascos – Trans vs. Non-Trans
How to simplify a Daily Vegetarian Diet
Creating a Vegetarian Food Guide
Lifelong Vegetarians
Vegetarianism and Weight Loss
The Importance of Freshness
Disease Prevention Thru Vegetarianism
Vegetarianism and the Athlete
Vegetarianism and BMI

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Why Become A Vegetarian?

Choosing to become a vegetarian reflects a conscious effort to improve the welfare and well-being of your overall health condition. Over recent years, this advocacy has become fiercer than ever and it shows no signs of stopping. There are several reasons why one should opt to eat vegetables over meat and animal products.  All you need are simple steps to get started and you could be on your way to gaining better health.

What is a Vegetarian?

There are several, varying definitions of what can be considered a vegetarian. After all, there are certain classifications of vegetarians themselves. However, it is mainly a conscious effort to reduce the intake of all or certain types of meats or animal products.

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