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Table of Contents

Overview of Affiliate Management
– Affiliate Program Management
– Setting the Scene
– Why Don’t You Set It Up? I Asked Them
– What Makes You Any Different?
– Dashing the Affiliate Promotion Doubts
– Not an Overnight Task – But It’s Fast
– Your First Questions Should Be…
– Analyzing Your Offer Objectively
– A Short Quiz. Are You A Good Analyzer?
– It’s All About Adding Value
– The Special Rules
– A Brief Look at Innovation

Overview of Affiliate Management – Part 2
– Affiliate Program Management – Part 2
– Big Mistake Number One – Recycling
– Big Mistake Number Two – Dead Ends
– Sell It Like a Product
– Don’t Hide It
– Get Them Promoting When You Want Them To
– Educate Those That Don’t Have a Clue
– Persuade to Promote
– Test It Out – You’ll Be Surprised
– Quick Start Bonuses Explained
– Communication – The Key to Profits
– Crafting Your Welcome & Congrats Mails
– Don’t Miss Out – Treat Your Affiliates Well
– A Final Word

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Setting the Scene – Displaying the Power Lets take it from the top. First up, how do you define an affiliate program, or affiliate system? A system in which an owner or licensee of a product allows people outside of his or her own company to promote for them for a percentage of the commissions. Pretty much everyone online uses this resource to their advantage, because lets face it, it’s far easier for 100 people to sell 1000 units of a product than it is to have one person sell a thousand units of a product. I’m sure it’s possible, but we don’t have all the time in the world, so affiliates are generally the answer, and should make up a large amount of your business’ revenue if you’re promoting your own products.

In case you’re kind of underestimating the situation, don’t have any affiliate system in place, or haven’t decided to fully utilize this type of system within your business, let me put a scene to you to make this all crystal clear. Here‟s the situation; You’re a business owner, you’ve just launched your shiny new site, which just happens to sell the same product as Mr. X here. Both yours and Mr. X‟s product is priced at $500. The difference is you’ve built yourself up a relatively modest 150 affiliates, and Mr. X is doing all the promotion alone.

Now imagine you each make ten sales in the first month through personal promotion. You both make $5000. Great, but when your affiliates come in, it’s easy to see how this figure can double. Now of course not all of your affiliates are going to be heavy hitters, great promoters or even make any sales at all, ever. But lets say just 10% of your affiliates, just 15 of them, make a measly three sales each in that same month at 60% commissions, which I’ll set higher than average right now for a

reason I’ll reveal in a moment. Pulling out my handy calculator, I can tell you that through those three sales from a small percentage of your affiliates, you’ve just made an extra $9000, bringing your total to $14000 for that month. You’re laughing, and poor Mr. X. He was one of the many marketers out there that didn’t take this type of affiliate marketing seriously, or didn’t see any real profit in it. Meanwhile, you’ve just pocketed in a month what it takes most of my friends in regular jobs to earn in four or five months, often longer. Cool huh?

Why Don’t You Set It Up? – I Asked Them. So now you can see how important this is, never ever let anyone tell you it’s not worth spending the extra money on the set up of an affiliate program, made even easier nowadays by the plethora of software and solutions available to you as an online business owner. ”So why not set one up? They‟re more than doubling my income”, I used to say to my less experienced contacts in the online business world. Ask yours the same question if you like and see what they say. The reasons they’ll give you when you ask why they hold their negative opinion on this subject, more often than not will be that in their experience hardly any of their affiliates promote. Well, they‟re not wrong, it varies from business to business, but many affiliates don’t bother to promote, or sign up meaning to and forget, or just don’t have their resources built to a point where

they have the promotion power to make the sales. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still grab them at every opportunity, as you can see here from just that small example above, just 10% of affiliates promoting, making a small (very small) amount of sales each can easily double, triple., quadruple your income and sometimes even more. Looking at these figures always gets me excited. Have you ever seen someone making 40-50, 60 or 100 thousand dollars a month and wondered to yourself how the heck they pull that kind of cash out of their products when you’re struggling to hit five or ten thousand a month? Well let me tell you, this is a very big part of it. Don’t miss out, or you might find yourself just getting by instead of extremely comfortable where income is concerned.

The second reason you might be told that having affiliates promote for you is a waste of time and effort on your part, is that they’re hard to find. It’s another one of those little niggly things, like the list craze going on all around us. In general the more responsive your list, the more cash you’re going to make out of them now and in the future. This is exactly the same. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you’re making a mistake putting a successful affiliate program high on your list of priorities, even over making direct sales.

So What Makes Your Situation Any Different? What we’re going to look at now is what to do with your affiliates to try and hit and exceed that ten percent promotion rate. Once again, if you‟re not sure about getting the affiliates in the first place and maintaining them doesn‟t interest you right now, not to worry. The moment you begin to build your list and launch products all of this will become relevant.

Continuing with management of affiliates, you might be surprised to find out it’s not all that complicated and relates closely to other forms of resource gathering, from lists, to customers, joint ventures and the like.

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