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Unfoldment of the Great Within: The Power of Suggestion

Cogito ergo sum – I think, therefore I am – is a statement that best describes one of the many underlying truths about man. Without thought, man is incapable of action; and with the absence of action, man is also incapable of interacting with him and with others, failing to improve self-development and personal growth as a result. Mind can easily triumph over matter – by thinking or believing that you are more than able to accomplish certain tasks or responsibilities, you are quite likely able to do so in the end. Doing something, once you’ve set your mind to it, is fairly easy – it’s convincing yourself to do it is the problem in most cases.

Willpower is necessary to meet objectives or goals in your life. One of the ways by which this is possible is through the use of the subliminal mind, or through hypnotic suggestions. Subliminal messages have gained a poor reputation over the years mainly in part due to advertising campaigns that attempt to use these methods. But when practiced the right way, subliminal messaging has proven very beneficial in learning more about yourself and your strengths, as well ass assessing any flaws and seeking to remove them completely from your person.

Subliminal messaging is where a series of words and symbols are hidden behind other words and pictures. Though not easily seen by the naked mind, the subconscious mind actually recognizes the hidden statements, which the person then follows without knowing that they are doing so. By using this type of subliminal messaging, phrases can be used to help encourage a person’s development in the area that they prefer.

As an example, using some phrases such as “I am at peace.” Or “I can handle all challenges” in subliminal messaging encourages you to actually subconsciously follow their meanings. These enable you to relax or opt to find some means of relaxation at your most stressed. By using certain keywords such as “I am going to succeed”, or “I am going to plan my future to ensure my success”, you actually subconsciously find the energy and the desire to accomplish these in your life.

Perhaps the best thing about subliminal messaging is that you no longer need to exert the effort to accomplish your goals, because it already predisposes you towards them. Even while you’re eating, reading a book, or engaging in other activities, your mind is able to retain these messages and seek to fulfil them. More importantly, it offers users the chance to get in touch with their inner person. Most of what we perceive consciously sometimes do not penetrate our subconscious, usually because we have built-in mental barricades that convince us that we are unable to succeed because of shortcomings that we may recognize in ourselves. Subliminal messaging gets right into the heart of our subconscious mind, bypassing these barricades.

In conclusion, the freedom and ease that comes with subliminal messaging serves only to open up oneself, and wilfully change certain bad personalities and traits that a person may possess. It is through these methods that a person can finally achieve their goals and improve himself and become a better person in the process. Make your dreams a reality.

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