Understanding And Supporting Customers: A Look Inside The Minds Of Your Customers Plr Ebook

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – A Support System 4
Just Starting Out In Online Marketing? Start Out Right 4
Standing Out In the Crowd 4
Just Sell Only And You’ll Suffer 7
Don’t Build A Contact List Just To Sell To 7
Chapter 2 – Star Support 11
Chapter 3 – No Cost Options 15
Free Support Desk Software Example 1: 15
Active Desk Cons 16
ActivDesk Pros 17
More Is Not Necessarily Better 18
Free Support Desk Software Example 2: 18
Free Support Desk Software Example 3 – Hosted 20
Not All Free “Support Desk” Systems Really Free 20
Chapter 4 – Systems That Cost 22
They Host – You Pay Monthly 22
You Host – Pay One Time 22
Chapter 5 – Relationship Management 24
What is Help Desk Automation? 25
The Key Benefits for Your Company 26
Does Your Business Need Support Desk Automation? 26
Common Help Desk Automation Features 27
What to Look for When Choosing An Automated Solution 28
10 CRM Help Desk Software Vendors 28
TechExcel 29
FrontRange 29
ScriptLogic 29
Numara Software 29
Epicor 29
Soffront 29
EnterpriseWizard 29
PhaseWare 29
BMC Software 29
PS’Soft 29
Chapter 6 – Social Media Integration 30
Significantly Reducing Customer Support Tickets 30
What Is The Real Power In Web 2.0? 30
A Customer Support Gold Key 31
Chapter 7 – Setup 34
On A Shoe String Or No String Budget? 34
Let’s Talk Planning And Options 34
Getting All the Necessary Tools In Place 36
The Basics 37
Some No Shoe String Budget Options 41
3 Free Support Desk Systems 41
Some Shoe String Budget Options 42
3 Moderately Priced Paid Support Desks 42
Three Ways To A “Live Help Online” Work Around 43
Second Option 44
Chapter 8 – Go For It! 47
First A Word About Private Label Rights Products 47
Don’t Give Your Customers Away 47
Finding Products To Sell That Compliment Yours 49
Purely Hypothetical Example 1: 50

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Chapter 1 – A Support System

Just Starting Out In Online Marketing? Start Out Right
If you are just starting out and are only making a few sales a week, you can probably handle your product support inquiries through your email. Certainly the decision to move to a support desk may become necessary even if you are only making a few sales, if your product requires technical support. However, consider that the longer you put off getting your own support desk set up, the longer you look less professional as compared to your competitors that do have a support desk.

Standing Out In the Crowd
Let’s face it; in today’s competitive Internet marketplace, businesses large and small need to provide more than just quality products and services to attract and retain customers. In order to differentiate themselves and stand out amongst their competitors, they need to deliver world-class service and support, going the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction and build customer loyalty. For many businesses, the support or help desk is the “front line”, serving as the initial contact point for prospect’s pre-sale and customer’s post purchase questions and problems.

If you take a look around at most, (If not all), of the BIG Internet marketers (The so called ‘Guru’ crowd), and their sites, you’ll notice one major thing they all have in common. They use a support desk. The reasons for this are many…

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