Outsourcing Your Life: Avoid The Pitfalls Of Poor Outsourcing Practices And Maximize Output Plr Ebook

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1:
Intro To Outsourcing

Chapter 2:
Learn How To Use Freelance Sites Like Elance

Chapter 3:
The Importance Of Seeking Value Over Price When You Can

Chapter 4:
Make Sure To Qualify The Person You’re Sending Work To

Chapter 5:
Choose Projects To Outsource Carefully

Chapter 6:
Make Sure The Project Specs Are Defined And Understood

Chapter 7:
Keep Good Lines Of Communication Open

Chapter 8:
Check Project Progress Regularly

Chapter 9:
Make Sure To Provide Helpful Feedback

Chapter 10:
The Dangers Of Not Understanding How To Outsource Correctly

Wrapping Up

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Chapter 1:

Intro To Outsourcing


Basically outsourcing is the use of outside sources to get particular aspects of a job done within a certain time frame. Though these jobs are normally handled within the company frame, however due to various reasons the option of out sourcing is sought. Jobs like call centre services, email services, payroll services and others are the most popular for out sourcing.

What Is It

One of the most popular reasons companies use out sourcing facilities is because the cost incurred is much less if compared to actually having to hire in house.

When out sourcing services are used the company can avoid paying other costs like overtime, salaries, medical benefits and others. The out sourcing cost is done at one specific fee without any other expenses incurred.

Out sourcing also allows a company to stay focused on their core business without having to oversee other aspects of their business. This is left to the professional services of an out sourcing company. Therefore the resources of the company can now be fully utilized for the enhancement of its core business.

Another advantage of out sourcing is that if and when a company decides to expand into other countries, the foundations that are required to be established and implemented can be done throughout sourcing.

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