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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1:
What Defines a Team?
Chapter 2:
Qualities of a Successful Team
Chapter 3:
Excite Your Team with Outcomes
Chapter 4:
Seek Commitments from the Team
Chapter 5:
Use Teambuilding Activities
Chapter 6:
Hiring Professionals to Manage Your Teams
Chapter 7:
Always Include New People into the Team
Chapter 8:
You – The Spinal Cord of Your Team
Chapter 9:
Foster Exchange of Ideas within the Team
Chapter 10:
Failures within the Team Doesn’t Mean that the Team Has Failed

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Let us take a look at the characteristics that every successful team should have.

Qualities of Successful Teams

Here we shall take a look at the main characteristics that a team should possess. If your corporate team does not possess these characteristics, you need to take a closer look at it.

Proper Objectives

The team should have clearly defined objectives. This the purpose with which the team has been set up. Everyone in the team should be aware of these objectives and they must work toward its achievement.

Division of Labor

Though a team is a single mobilized force, every person in the team is a unit contributing in his or her way for the overall functioning of the team. These goals also must be set beforehand, when a member is inducted into the team.


Interaction among the team members is important, and this should be healthy interaction. The interaction may be for personal reasons but largely it must be to achieve the purposes that the team as a whole is striving for.

Logical Thinking

There can be no set rules for how a team should think or behave. This depends more on the situation at hand. Due to that, it is imperative that the team members think logically and take rational decisions. The role of the team leader becomes important in this respect.

Acceptance of Majority Decisions

When you put a few people together, it is quite understandable that opinions will differ. Teams cannot sit with these differing opinions though, because decisions need to be taken. A good team will have a sense of adhering to the majority vote.


No team can progress without a feeling of mutual amicability between the members of the team. There must be mutual informality among the members and no disagreements. If there are issues, they must be resolved in a civilized manner.

United Force

A team has to think in unison. This doesn’t mean individual members cannot disagree. They sure must, but then they must arrive at common decisions through majority voting methods. But, for all other purposes, there should be a loyal feeling in every member toward the team.


It is vital that teams keep evolving. They must meet often just to decide what their achievements have been, what obstacles lay in their path, what shortcomings they have and how to improve upon those. Teams should keep evolving according to changing circumstances.


Teams don’t sustain themselves for long if they don’t see the outcomes. If you are a team leader, you have to keep wowing them with results.

Excite Your Team with Outcomes

No team can persist under a sustained lack of progress. This is true with all kinds of teams, whether it is a corporate team chasing a deadline for an international assignment or it is a major league NBA team. If there are no results, no victories, the team won’t stick together. The reason for that is the lack of confidence among the members of the team. Their main intention when they formed the team was to unite with people who had complementary talents to what they have. But when the results don’t come, they think that this blend of talents is not working. The team will then dissolve. The members will go apart and either form a new team with new members or completely forget the thing that they were planning to achieve and focus on something else.

Now, if you have a team, you must firmly keep this point in mind. You have to wow your team constantly with results. But what if you don’t have results? Here, we don’t talk about major victories all the time. No one is so irrational that they expect you to get the President’s Medal of Honor for everything that they do as a team. However, you should not ignore the smaller achievements.

Even a single team member doing something that contributes to the team is an achievement. This member has brought the team forward in his or her own way. This is something that can be highlighted. There is no need for open felicitation for everything, but the fact should be brought into the next team meeting. The member in question should be given an acknowledgment of praise. That helps because the member gets motivated. In fact, the entire team gets motivated and they get that important shot in the arm that propels them to keep working.

When the big victories happen, there should be a serious effort in planning a celebration. A celebration isn’t a waste of money or time for people in a team – it is a way of acknowledging the fact that the team has worked together in achieving something. It is a collective pat on the back of the team.

Keep wowing your team with results. Big results aren’t going to come your way every Sunday, but don’t ignore the small things that can help keep the team inspired and motivated.


Get your teams to make pledges. This helps in keeping the team together and working at achieving common goals.

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