Twitter Marketing Secrets Personal Use Ebook

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Table of Contents

Introduction ……. 5
The Holistic Approach ……….. 6
What Is TWITTER? ……… 7-10
How Much Does Twitter Cost? …. 10
Free of Charge ……… 11
Not Monetized Yet …. 12
Why Should I Join Twitter? …….. 14
It’s A Branding Tool .. 15
Networking and Making Connections … 15-17
Knowing Your Customers ……. 17-20
The Traffic Factor ….. 24
How Do I Join Twitter? … 26
Starting Your Network …. 30
What’s The Deal With This 140 Character Limit? 34
You Should Do This… 35
You Should NOT Do This …….. 36
What Do I Tweet? ……….. 37
Who Should I Follow? ….. 43
Who should you follow? ……… 47
How Can I Attract Followers? ….. 50
The World Wide Web Of Twitter Tools …. 53
Twitter As A Traffic Tool . 59
The Dangers Of Twitter ……… 65
Keeping The Twittersphere happy! …… 67
Conclusion ………. 68-70

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Twitter has attracted a lot of attention. Everyone from your great-grandma’s roommate at the nursing home to the kids in the skate park even the news crew at CNN is talking about Twitter.

The Internet marketing world is examining it from every angle, trying to find a way to leverage its power for maximum profit. The critics and cynics are mocking it incessantly. Along the way, a slew of ebooks, special reports, guides and handbooks for using Twitter have hit the market.

Most of those guides do one of three things. Some merely present a little basic information about how to get started and the mechanics of using the service.

Others focus on ways to exploit Twitter for quick financial gain. Finally, there a few industry-specific guides to Twitter use, which combine basic how-to information with some core networking advice.

We want this publication to be something different. Yes, we’ll discuss the basics. This will be a report designed for those who already know their way around Twitter and for those who’ve never logged in before. When you’re done with this publication, you’ll be ready to be an active participant.

Yes, we’ll cover the moneymaking possibilities of Twitter. It is a tool and one of the biggest reasons people want to use this tool is to build their businesses. However, we’re coming at Twitter from an alternate perspective.

We’re going to be looking at Twitter in a way that shoots past short-term profits and fast traffic driving. We’ll cover the way you can use Twitter to enrich your life and the life of others, not just on how you can bump the total on your bank account. The Holistic Approach That kind of “holistic” outlook toward Twitter is the real winner. It should give you the opportunity for a richer online experience, and happily, following its recommendations should help you to build a solid foundation for using Twitter to your business advantage at the same time.

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