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What Is a Sales Funnel?-3
How will it help sales?-5
How is the sales funnel set up?-7
What are the components?-9
What makes a good squeeze page?-11
What makes a good offer?-12
What kinds of products are good to give away?-13
What kinds of paid products work in a sales funnel?-15
Where do you get ideas for offers?-18

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A sales funnel is the process used to convert your customers into potential buyers. Sales funnels help every business owner to make an effective business decision. When visitors came to your website, they will become your leads. Filling up the opt-in form, they are now your potential buyers.

Once they have signed up to your opt-in form, they will be taken to your sales page with a call to action. You will also have access to their email address, where you can send emails. If they buy your product immediately, they are now called “customers.” Other people will be undecided, but don’t worry because they are still your prospects. Continue sending them emails and make sure that you are providing valuable information to attract them to your offer and be your customers.

A sales funnel image is like a reverse pyramid with a hole in it, which only means that every visitor that enters your site has the chance to pass through your entire offer. So make sure that your offer is compelling and it’s something the customers really need or want.

You should also consider the market for the products or services that you are offering. Choose a market where there is a demand for what you offer, and if you meet the demand, you can now begin planning your own sales funnel. Keep in mind that what you want to do is to meet the needs of your customers.

You should spend a balanced amount of time on each stage of your sales funnel. Don’t spend too much time on the smaller opportunities;

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