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You can profit from selling crafts and crafting supplies even if you never make a single project.

There’s many ways to profit from craft related items, but this report deals with one tactic that is not known by many, yet has proven to be extremely profitable for those that have tried this method.

In your town, is there a business that operates by selling used appliances? If so, this business is probably quite profitable because the owner is making money off of his or her skills, while putting very little investment into his or her business.

The owners of used appliance stores usually pick-up broken down appliances from the street, like washers, dryers and refrigerators that others have thrown away, or they purchase these broken appliances dirt-cheap from others that do not want to pay for costly repairs.

They then take the appliances to their shops, repair them, clean them or paint them if needed and resell them to make a very hefty profit.

You see used car dealers, small engine shops and even furniture stores using this method, yet you very rarely see other types of business owners apply this method towards their sales.

How many times have you seen a used clothing store, or a thrift shop, repair clothes to resell for a nicer profit? Me, I’ve seen none. Usually used clothing stores and thrift shops wash and dry clothing that doesn’t need to be repaired, while throwing the damaged clothing into the trash.

What about toys? How many times have you seen toys being thrown away along side of the road? Now I know it’s not very wise to repair toys, because if not repaired correctly then you could be held liable for damages if a child is hurt, but still you’re overlooking one very profitable venture by ignoring other people’s “trash”.

Now you can make money, by recycling others trash, by visiting yard sales and thrift stores and even by asking your family and friends for all their used clothing and old stuffed toys before they throw them away.

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