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Table of Contents

1.0 Article Marketing 6
1.1 The Expert Use of Articles in E-Commerce Today 7
1.2 How Article Marketing Works 8
1.3 The Pros of Article Marketing 9
1.4 The Cons of Article Marketing 10
2.0 How to Write Your Own Expert Articles 11
2.1 The Principle Behind Your Articles in E-Commerce 12
2.2 Formatting Your Winning Article 13
2.3 Age-Old Question: How Many Words per Article? 14
2.4 Types of Articles You Can Write 15
2.5 Article Writing Tips 16
2.6 Common Article Writing Mistakes You Must Avoid 17
2.7 Creating Your Resource Box 18
3.0 Creating Articles without Writing a Single Word! 20
3.1 Outsourcing Article Writing to Ghostwriters 21
3.2 Using Shortcuts via Purchasing Private Label Rights 22
3.3 Making Use of Interviews 23
3.4 Other Known Ways of Churning Articles without Writing 24
4.0 Distributing Your Articles for Maximum Exposure 26
4.1 Conveying Free Reprint Rights to Your Articles 27
4.2 Submitting Articles to Article Directories 28
4.3 Submitting Articles to Popular Membership Sites 30
4.4 Compiling Free Reports for Viral Marketing 31
4.5 Using Blogs as Distribution Vehicles 32
4.6 Gaining an Edge with Forums in Article Marketing 33
4.7 Looking Out Directly for E-zine Publishers 34
4.8 Other Effective Article Distribution Strategies 35
5.0 Exploding Profit Centers in Your Articles 37
5.1 Offer Re-branding Rights to the Articles 38
5.2 Selling Private Label Rights to Your Articles 39
5.3 Compile Your Own Paid Digital Product with Your Articles 40
5.4 Compiling Short Reports as Bonuses 41
5.5 Other Profit Centers You Can Build into Your Articles 42
6.0 In Closing 43
6.1 Article Marketing Tips 44
6.2 Is Article Marketing For Everyone? 45
Recommended Resources 47

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1.1 The Expert Use of Article Marketing in E-Commerce Today

In the history of Internet Marketing, which is indeed still a short history, Article Marketing has always been one of the most effective ways to market a business or website at little or no cost. This still holds true today, and will most likely be true for many years to come.

Article Marketing is viral in nature. One article is written, and it travels from your computer to multiple article banks, providing back links to your website. From there other website owners copy the article, with the authors information in tact, and publish it in their newsletters or on their websites. They may even use your article as part of a compilation for an informative ebook.

The important thing is that the article becomes viral – spreading far and wide. This accomplishes many things. As already mentioned, this provides you with back links to your site that help with search engine optimization. Since your author’s information, or resource box as it is called, is at the bottom of the article, this gives your website a great deal of exposure, and increased traffic.

Article Marketing accomplishes a couple more things that are vital in ecommerce today. First, writing and distributing articles helps to establish you as an expert on the topic in question. Second, it helps to build a ‘relationship’ with people who read your articles, which in turn builds trust.
Successful Internet business owners typically write and distribute at least one article per week to the various article banks. They may use articles that they wrote for their newsletters as well for distribution, after the newsletter has gone out to subscribers. If the business owner does not write well, or doesn’t have the time to write their own articles, they typically hire a ghost writer to create the articles for them.

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