Tumblr Profits MRR Ebook

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Table of Contents

Can You Really Make Money on Tumblr …. 3
How Your Tumblr Blog to Generate Revenue ….. 3
Include Tumblr in Your Social Marketing Approach …. 5
Use Google Analytics to Determine Your Tumblr Traffic …… 6
Making Money on Tumblr – Keep it Simple …….. 7
How to Go Viral With Your Tumblr Posts … 8
Use Tumblr to Increase Your Site Traffic … 9
Tumblr Stats You Should Not Ignore …….. 10
Ways to Use Tumblr ….. 12
Creating Effective Tumblr Strategies ……. 13
Forget Traditional Marketing and Make Money on Tumblr …….. 14
How to Get Massive Tumblr Traffic 15
Build Quality Backlinks Using Tumblr……. 16
5 Things You Can Do to Increase Your Tumblr Traffic 17
How to Grow Your Tumblr Followers and Traffic …… 18
How to Use AdSense on Tumblr ….. 19
The Unsung Power of Tumblr 20
How You Can Make Money Using Tumblr …….. 21
You Can Make Money On Tumblr … 22

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Can You Really Make Money on Tumblr

Tumblr, is a bit like the new kid on the block – everyone want to meet them, but no one is really sure what they will be like, how they will fit into their current environment, and whether they will want to get to know them better. If you do nothing else this month, take some time to learn about Tumblr, because it truly is one of the easiest ways to make money online.

Blogging has quickly become one of the most effective ways to make money. That’s because there is so much flexibility within the concept of blogging. Tumblr changes the way we blog in that it is a micro blogging site, which means your messages are shorter. This means they can be more concise. It’s long been proven that visitors are more likely to read shorter messages than longer messages.

Tumblr allows you to create short blog posts, post pictures, audios, videos, links, and more. Try to stay on topic, because you will build a much bigger following and people are more likely to stay with you. For example, if you sell Diet Solution A, then talk about it, the benefits, the risks, how to lose weight, how to exercise effectively, etc. Share pictures that are crazy and memorable. Don’t wonder off topic and start talking about the new Kia Rio or holiday destinations (unless they are related to losing weight), or you will start to lose your momentum and people with fall away from following you.

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