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A Very Brief Introduction To The Travel Niche

Before we get stuck into just why the travel niche may represent some incredible opportunities for you I’d like to tell you a little about myself – so that you have some confidence that I know exactly what I’m talking about. After all, you wouldn’t accept medical advice from a comedian so you have every right to ensure that you’re not wasting your time reading about something that was written by some clueless hack.

My name is Tuks Engineer, and I’m the founder of the Digital Resale Rights club. I initially started my career within investment banking (seven long years) before setting up my own internet publishing company (Global ePublishing Ltd registered with Companies House in the United Kingdom). While I have considerable experience with internet marketing, my area of expertise has evolved into sniffing out and penetrating extremely high profit niche markets that offer the niche marketer bountiful affiliate commissions, contextual income & various other income streams. I’ve developed positions in extremely high-profit niches and I’ve offered my followers the exact same content, website templates, graphics, videos and business models that I’ve used myself so that they can profit from these niches too.

I’ve investigated literally scores of potential niche markets – but I choose to enter only a select few. To date, the only niche markets I have chosen to enter have been internet marketing, the stock market and real estate investment. Three thriving markets simply bursting at the seams with millions of prospects all spending cash and buying products, courses, information and clicking away at Adsense ads like crazy.

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