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Ok so this is a really easy and quick way to make some cash. It only takes about 15 minutes to set up and once you are set up you can literally start making money instantly.

The dating niche is a huge and powerful niche and most importantly very profitable. There is a very easy and fast way to make a lot of money by exploiting a desperate desire in this niche.

There is an absolute ton of money to be made from eager, desperate, ready to buy “customers” and you can reach them instantly. It’s amazing how quick you can make your first sale, literally within minutes of getting everything set up.

The way you can profit from this market is so simple, all you do is get guys (or girls) to sign up for a $1 cam show and you make $20 per lead. Now that is the basic run down of what you do, I am going to go into step by step detail in a minute.

I want to let you know how amazing this opportunity is. If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty you can make a mountain of cash, it only requires a little bit of work. Now another amazing this is the amount of people you will have access to. This isn’t like anything I have ever seen before, the amount of traffic you get from a tiny little bit of work is insane. It is the easiest niche I have ever seen to get ridiculous amounts of traffic from and I make niche websites for a living.

Now there is a particular site you MUST use because it converts like crazy. It only costs the customer a dollar to sign up where most other sites will charge at least $5. So this is a major selling point and most people don’t care about the measly dollar as long as they get the goods.

Once you sign up for the site you must chose a model that you are going to promote (I will go into exact detail later, just giving you a brief rundown now) because she is the model people will see when they sign up. This is going to be your new identity, you are acting on behalf of the model but you don’t tell people that. You pretend that you are the model yourself and get them to see your live show and once they sign up they are taken to the real life model they thought they were talking to.

You create your tracking link which links to her profile so you can show people pictures. Now you should download all of her pictures to you computer so when people ask to see a picture you can show them.

There are two main ways to promote, creating a profile for your model on dating sites and talking in online chat rooms. Once again you will be amazed at the amount of people who will contact you when you use these services, you really have to experience it to believe it because it’s crazy. Often I get to many private messages I can’t keep up.

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