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Table Of Contents

How to Become a Master of Female Orgasms

Turn A Good Girl “Bad”

How to Persuade Women Into Threesomes or More!

How to Enjoy “Same Night” Sexual Encounters

Get Her Addicted To You

Sex Foods & Stimulants: How To Be A Rockstar In Bed

TEXT Seduction: Use “Text Messages” to Get Beautiful Women Into Bed!

High On Sextasy: How to Satisfy Your Lover Every Time

How to Date Exotic Dancers / Strippers

Seduction Secrets for Men: How to Seduce Women Anywhere, Anytime

Dirty Secrets of the Pickup Artist

How to Become a Gigolo – Or Just Seduce Like One

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5 Sex Secrets Women Wish You Knew (But Will Never Tell You)

There are many men out there who don’t care much about a woman’s pleasure – or how she feels or what she’s thinking – during sex.

Since you’re taking the time to read this special report, you are probably not one of those men. And, that’s a good start…

You’re already a step ahead of most men because you’re at least interested in learning more, and maybe becoming better.

When men think about “sex secrets,” they tend to focus mainly on techniques. They are always trying to learn some new trick or maneuver that will make a woman have wild, screaming orgasms in bed…every single time.

And, while that’s all fine and good, it’s not new “techniques” or tricks that women wish you were focusing on.

Women think very differently from men. (Big surprise there, eh? 😉

And, it’s what she’s thinking about – during sex – that you should be most concerned about.

Of course, the average woman would never tell her (male) lover what she’s thinking about…let alone what she wishes you knew or did, during sex.

So, I’m going to help you out by revealing her five “secret thoughts and wishes” about sex, that she would like you to know about…but will never tell you…

For starters, think about your first time…whether it was the very first time you had sex, or your first time with somebody new.

Were you nervous? Anxious? Worried about your skills or “moves?” Concerned about how you looked or if you’d “measure up”…?

Well… that’s how most women are… a lot of the time. Especially if it’s her first time with you.

Obviously, there is a small percentage of women out there, who are completely confident, secure, and comfortable with themselves, their bodies, and their sexuality.

However, most women are not that way at all… especially not if it’s their first time with that particular guy.

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