Harmonic Hypnotherapy: The Handbook Of Achieving Total Harmony Through Hypnotherapy Plr Ebook

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1:
Introduction to Hypnotherapy

Chapter 2:
Hypnotherapy versus Psychotherapy

Chapter 3:
Negatives Associated With Hypnotherapy

Chapter 4:
Suggestion Based and Visualization Guided Therapy

Chapter 5:
Three More Techniques of Hypnotherapy

Chapter 6:
Detailed Description of Inner Healing and Releasement

Chapter 7:
Application of Hypnotherapy In Medicine

Wrapping Up

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Chapter 1:

Introduction to Hypnotherapy


Hypnosis is a different state of mind in which people can react according to your suggestions. Hypnosis bypasses your conscious brain and access the subconscious brain directly. When a person is hypnotized then, he starts to perceive things in a totally different way and this perception can be emotional or physical. Some people think that you need to first believe in hypnosis in order to be hypnotized but for a true hypnotherapist, this is not necessary.

The ability of hypnotherapy to heal some physical illness depends totally upon the strength of mind. If a person has a strong believe in himself then, it is quite possible that hypnotherapy can simulate that mind thoughts even more and physical condition may get better but if a person wants to die then, no one can save him. Normally humans use 5 percent of their total brain and this 5 percent is the conscious mind while the rest of the 95 percent is subconscious which controls our internal systems like digestion, blood flow, regulation of hormones, body temperature and pain management and many more.

All of these functions can be manipulated with medicines.

Hypnotherapy has no side effect because it does not add anything to your body.

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