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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Polarity Therapy Basics
Chapter 2:
Body Work
Chapter 3:
Stress Reduction
Chapter 4:
Energetic Foods
Chapter 5:
Chapter 6:
Oval Fields
Chapter 7:
What Happens in a Session?
Chapter 8:
Polarity Events
Chapter 9:
Selecting the Right Program
Chapter 10:
Benefits of Polarity Therapy

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Chapter 2: Body Work


One of the main tools of polarity therapy is the so-called “body work”. It is a term used in alternative medication to illustrate any personal or therapeutic development tactic that involves in human body function.

In the body work technique, experts aim to assess or develop posture and enhance awareness of the mind and body connection. The polarity bodywork is a gentle yet piercing hands-on contact to the body. Through this, it nurtures deep relaxation and stimulates free-flowing balanced energy.

The following are some forms of body work including energy balancing ones:

Forms of Body Work

Body work has multiple forms. These various forms are different from one another. Here they are:

• Non-Touch – These methods include yoga, pranayama and reiki.
• Therapeutic Touch
• Breath Work Respiration Techniques and a lot more

The better well-known form of manipulative body work is the polarity therapy.

In Dr. Stone’s mapping of energy current of the body, every side of the body has five current connected to the five elements – the fire, air, water, ether and earth.

The polarity principle applies when you use your hands on the body to enhance energy flow. In this therapy, the hands are placed on two sides of the body, creating two poles between which energy may flow. The expert has a direct experience of energy flow between the hands. In most cases, the customer concurrently experience changes.

The common changes include tingling and tissue relaxation. Thus, the therapy session may improve into a co-operative exchange of observation between client and practitioner. Through this, the client is given power to consciously participate in the healing procedure.

Energy Balancing Body Work

Hands-on bodywork is the center of polarity therapy. In this process, you have to wear comfortable and loose clothing. You also need to lie on a massage table. In most cases, each session involves some levels of physical touch, which may be gentle, light, steady and deep. It is designed to stir energy up, balance the flow and calm it down.

There are several specific session protocols concerning the aspects of human energy body. Some of these address the digestive system, nervous system, endocrine system, and lymphatic system. Spinal balancing can also be addressed both with light touch, deep structural work and harmonic resonance.

However, other polarity session protocols are more mysterious based on the chakra balancing, five elements, evolution, and involution. These protocols are devices that can be used if suitable for your session and system.

Even if the polarity body work aims to develop the human energies inside the body and balance the energies within the body, the principle believes that this therapy is more complex than others. This therapy believes in the presence of positive, negative and neutral energies inside the body of the patient.

The main goal of the body work therapist is to convert the energies into its neutral condition to guide the body help itself. Through this, the treatment would not create sufficient and satisfying results. This is the reason why polarity therapists emphasize the significance of these regimens before the therapy session.

Chapter 3: Stress Reduction


Stress may be considered as any chemical, physical, or emotional factor that causes mental or bodily unrest, and that may be a factor in causing various diseases. According to experts, complete elimination of stress is too impossible. But, you can find ways on how to reduce it.

The following are some ways to reduce stress:

Stress and Its Symptoms

Stress is the strain or tension felt when you are put under pressure. It may be experienced when you feel you have lots of things to do, money problems, ill health, relationship problems and a lot more.
The human’s life would be very tedious without a little stress. But, too much stress can harm your personal relationships, health and work. If you have stress, your sympathetic nervous system switches into flight mode. Thus, hormones begin to respond and your body starts to experience a host of hypersensitive and physical effects.

Here are the common symptoms of stress:

• Anxiety
• Headache
• Heart Palpitations
• Muscle Tension
• Weight loss or gain
• Irritability
• Sweaty palms
• Difficulty in digestions
• Fail to concentrate and a lot more

In short, if you are suffering from stress, your body gets ready for war against any enemy that does not actually exist. This shuts down your immunity and overall organ function.
In relation to stress reduction, polarity therapy is often used by most experts. The main question is, can polarity therapy reduce stress, decrease depression and promote a healthy life? The answer is YES!

How Polarity Therapy Reduces Stress?

At present, stress and other stress-related illnesses have reached epidemic proportions. According to experts, stress alone causes various workers to stop from working. This disease is also considered as the silent killer.

To relieve stress, polarity therapy helps people in identifying where the stress is located in the body. Though it will not literally identify the stress holding patterns, this therapy will educate the body in returning to balance before it becomes a severe physical and health issue.

Polarity therapy refurbishes the body to its usual therapeutic process. This physically and emotionally balances the body, avoiding stress from manifesting itself physically as disease, injury or condition. Since this therapy can trace the stress holding patterns in the body, experts can easily correct energetic imbalances, removing any physical symptoms of stress and reducing the body’s risk of improving any state of disease.

Polarity specialists claim that this therapy may relieve stress through the following:

• Sustaining the natural detoxification process of the body by motivating the fluids of the body, including lymph, blood, glandular secretions and other toxic wastes.
• Eliminating tension and boosting muscular response, reducing muscle fatigue and developing connective tissue elasticity.
• Bringing back the balance to reflexes and rebalancing energy needed for vital organ functioning
• Stimulating neural activity and bringing back the central and peripheral nervous systems

With various benefits of polarity therapy, more and more people desire to undergo this medication. They want this therapy not only to remove their stress or tension, but also to ensure that their body is in good condition at all times.

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