Code Of Success: Developing Rules Of Conduct That Transform Organizations And Business Plr Ebook

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1:
What Are Rules Of Conduct

Chapter 2:
Write A Mission Statement

Chapter 3:
Know What Your Customers Expect

Chapter 4:
Open The Lines Of Communication With Employees

Chapter 5:
Balance The Needs Of Customers And Employees

Chapter 6:
Adjust With Trial And Error And Maintain A Positive Attitude

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Chapter 1:

What Are Rules Of Conduct


Many elements will eventually have some impact on the general operations of the company. These rules of conduct should also include the proper practices and concepts which cover both ethical codes and honor codes.

The Basics

From a supervisory aspect based on the rules of conduct the company is able to have a certain amount of control over the vital aspects of ensuring negative practices that are unethical are kept out of the daily running of the business dealings.

Any negligence, misleading conduct and fraudulent practices can be instantly detected and addressed with the implementation of effective set of rules of conduct.

By following the outline given within the rules of conduct all those involved will be able to be better focused on the positive elements that would benefit the company such as being as competent as possible in all dealings, giving due diligence to all tasks, effectively communicating and addressing concerns, handling all processes with discretion and confidentiality, and many more contributing attributes.

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