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Table of Contents


Chapter 1:
Life Coaching Explained

Chapter 2:
Know About Pricing

Chapter 3:
What Techniques To Look For

Chapter 4:
Quality of Life Inventory

Chapter 5:
Identifying Where You Are

Chapter 6:
Setting Targets

Chapter 7:
Action Plan

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How do you choose a life coaching program when there are hundreds out there available and at different prices?

The Costs

Professional individuals, small business people, entrepreneurs and entire corporations, are hiring coaches to help guide them in fresh direction. Life coaches are utilized to aid an individual in improving their personal and professional lives. Life coaching is designed to assist persons in expanding their abilities and better their lives. During a life coaching session the life coach guides the professional to examine themselves and work on plans to better their faults or shortcomings. Are you interested in a life coach but worried about the cost? The fees for a professional coach may be higher than you might think but generally with a little leg work you are able to find a professional coach in the price range you are able to afford.

Pricing for professional coaches will differ from one coach to another. Individual coaches ascertain their own pricing, there are no laws covering life coaches so the costs that are charged are based upon what the market might bear. You might find some life coaches might offer a package deal or particular pricing to deal with a particular item or process. You might also find life coaches who offer decreased pricing on life coaching phone consultations or even life coaching thru email. When you decide on a life coach, spend some time with your new coach talking about their pricing so that there are no surprises when you get a bill.

More experienced and accomplished coaches are more probable to charge a much greater fee. You are able to expect to spend up to 200 and 50 bucks per hour for an experienced life coach but you’ll frequently find that it’s well worth the money. It is not advisable to settle for an inexperienced coach simply to preserve money. Find the best coach for your needs even if the coach does cost a little more money. You might find that a knowledgeable coach is able to guide you through the life coaching process in fewer sessions than you anticipated.

Corporations and business executives are beginning to hire life coaches for their businesses. Commonly life coaches will charge a corporation a greater fee than an individual who’s trying to work through their own ideas. If you’re interested in working with a life coach but find the fees too high ask if they’ll offer a discount for an individual.

If you’re trying to save money but still would like to use a life coach you’ll want to be very clear about what your goals and make certain that you make progress toward you goals during each of your life coaching sessions. Your life coach should be knowledgeable enough to make certain you stay on your sought after path, after all that’s what they’re paid for.


Its one thing to find a life coach who’s taken a training program and gotten certified as a life coach. But it’s quite another for that person to becoming a good life coach. A good life coach will have the ability to assess an individual’s or group’s needs and help and advance them. They can work with their clients at any time in their growth and development process.

Essential Techniques

It does not matter how much potential the personal life coach or group life coach has. What are truly crucial are the results. Does the coach have a history of bringing in a difference or a change into somebody’s life? Successful life coaching techniques may help the coach make a difference. Even if the coach may have been doing it for quite some time and is one of the best out there, it is still crucial that life coaches continue to build on their skills by learning fresh techniques.

Here is a list of a few of the most successful life coaching strategies. The 3 areas and techniques listed are crucial because they form the backbone of successful coaching.

Think about matters holistically

As a coach, it is crucial to comprehend that people’s lives are holistic. This implies that one part affects the whole. For instance, if a person’s personal life is in a bad way, this could likewise begin to affect their professional life. In pretty much every situation, the little pieces that make up a person’s life interact with one another. One of the most beneficial techniques out there is if the coach works with the client to help them comprehend how the different aspects of their lives work together.

Areas that require help

A different crucial technique is that the coach helps the person assess the areas that he or she wants to better. In the case of group coaching, these areas of need will have to do specifically with the group. It might be hard to assess these areas at first. But it is crucial that the coach works with the person through a series of exercises like making collages and journal writing to help them realize what they want to alter or better.

The action plan

Helping the person create an action plan that is in tune with their goals and wants is also another great technique. Without a beneficial action plan, the person may not get as much out of the coaching. For instance, for each problem area or goal, the person should list at least one thing they can do to better things.

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