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What Does This Mean to You As An Entrepreneur?

As a business owner, the increasing demand for coaches provides you with an opportunity. As you’ll see over the next few pages, coaching offers you tremendous potential to grow your business. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. The coaching business model can be adapted to fit almost any business model and niche. In fact, the more specialized your niche and services are, the more opportunities you may have.

What This Report Is Designed to Accomplish

This report operates under the assumption that you already have an online business and are looking for opportunities to grow and increase your bottom line. Coaching offers this potential and much more. If you’re not familiar with coaching or the coaching concept, take a few minutes to learn about the industry. You can check out any number of the coaching associations and organizations.
For example, there are the:
• International Association of Coaching – http://www.certifiedcoach.org/
• International Coach Federation – http://www.coachfederation.org/
• Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching – http://www.ipeccoaching.com/index.html
just to name a few!

If you’re familiar with the coaching concept, then you’re ready to go. Perhaps you’ve even worked with a coach yourself. If so, then you likely already know the amazing value you can provide your clients.
As the title of this report indicates, we’re going to take a look at Seven Reasons Why You Need to Offer Your Own Coaching Program. We’ll take a look at:

1. How Coaching Builds Credibility and Authority for Your Business
2. How Coaching Helps You Brand Your Business
3. How Coaching Enables You to Add a High End Product to Your Sales Funnel (Profits)
4. Why Coaching is Such an Easy Fit for Your Existing Business
5. Why You Can Offer Coaching In Any Number of Formats – Whatever Best Fits Your Needs
6. How Coaching Fits Just About Every Niche and Business Model
7. How Coaching Provides Added Value to Your Customers
If you’ve ever thought about becoming a coach or are looking for a way to expand and grow your business, then this report is for you!

So let’s get started!

Reason One – Coaching Builds Credibility and Authority

Credibility is defined as: capable of being believed, believable or worthy of belief or confidence. In business, credibility can be achieved through a number of experiences or actions.

For example, if you provide a fantastic customer experience then you earn credibility with your customer. Also, longevity enhances credibility. A customer may be more likely to buy from a company that’s been in business for twenty years than one that has only been around for two.

Credibility can also be improved by establishing yourself as an expert in your field. Publishing is one way that many business owners seek to establish and boost their credibility. Coaching also helps establish credibility. When you position yourself to coach others, you’re essentially telling the world you’re an expert in your niche.

Authority is a bit different than credibility. Authority is achieved when you’re considered to be an expert in your field. For example, Donald Trump is an authority on commercial real estate. Authority and credibility often go hand in hand.
Why Does It Matter?

Both authority and credibility are buying triggers. They motivate people to become customers. Robert Cialdini discusses them at length in his book The Psychology of Persuasion. Essentially, people are more likely to buy from someone who they trust or they consider to be an expert in their field.

How Coaching Fits Into This Equation

Imagine you’re looking to train your dog. Perhaps your dog has begun to misbehave. You’ve hopped online to search for information about dog training. You find two websites that have information that’s helpful. One site offers an information product, a video series, on training your dog. The other site offers a similar product and they also offer coaching. Everything else being equal, you’re more likely to buy from the website that offers coaching.

Why? Because coaching implies they have expert knowledge. And if the website has testimonials supporting their coaching program, they’ve amplified their authority and credibility. They’ve set themselves apart from their competition.

You too can add a coaching program to your business and set yourself way above your competition. You’ll give your prospects and customers an impression that you have more authority and credibility simply because you coach. And you’ll have more credibility and authority with your coaching customers, which results in loyalty and repeat purchases.

Finally, the media often consults businesses with a credible and authorative presence as well. You may find that coaching opens up a whole new world of possibilities and marketing opportunities.

Reason Two – Coaching Helps Brand Your Business

Branding is often perceived of as the simple act of creating a logo and an “image” for your company. However, branding is about much more than that. Your image isn’t just a visual experience. Branding is about creating a personality, too. For small online business owners, your personality is your brand.

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