Dealing With Death: Helpful Strategies To Coping With Grief, Sadness And Lost Plr Ebook

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1:
About Death and Grief

Chapter 2:
Saying Goodbye

Chapter 3:
Helping Yourself, Others and A Legacy

Chapter 4:
Handling Grief

Chapter 5:
More Detailed Info

Wrapping Up

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Chapter 1:

About Death and Grief


Death and grief isn’t something that may be compartmentalized. It’s inconceivable to tell somebody that he or she will grieve for 3 months or 6 months or a couple of years before beginning to feel good. There’s no set time frame for you to mourn your loved one. Mourning is a procedure, not an event.

Behind It

-> The beginning stage of grief is denial. The grief-stricken feel as though this isn’t happening to them, that their loved one truly didn’t die and everything will be all right.

-> The 2nd stage of grief is angriness. This may be anger at anybody from the deceased to The Higher Power. For instance, those in bereavement frequently have thoughts of, “Why did you leave me unaccompanied like this?” Toward their loved ones who passed away. Or else, their anger might be directed at The Higher Power for taking away a loved one.

-> The 3rd stage of grief is bargaining. At that stage, the bereaved will promise anything in order to make life get back to normal. It frequently involves promising to be a better individual. For instance, those who have lost a loved one frequently bargain with The Higher Power: “I’ll quit smoking if I may have him back!”

-> The 4th stage of grief is depression. This is true, crushing grieving. The truth of the death has finally set in and feelings of sorrow and helplessness come in.

-> The last stage of grief is acceptance. This is when the grieving will start to feel better and return to a normal life. In acceptance there’s healing as in acceptance, there’s reality. Death is the final truth of life.

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