The Kindle Profit System Resale Rights Ebook With Video

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Table of Contents

Introduction ………… 4
Traditional Publishing ………… 4
Self-Publishing …. 4
Chapter I: Kindle Bookstore 101: A Brief Review …………. 5
The Kindle Bookstore …………. 5
Publishing on the Kindle Bookstore ………. 6
Chapter II: Reader-Oriented: Your New Mantra ………….. 7
Writing For a Specific Audience ……………. 8
Potential eBook Readers …….. 9
Chapter III: Niche vs. Mainstream: Finding the Balance ……………… 10
Going Deep with Niches ……. 10
Going Wide and Mainstream 11
Chapter IV: Quantity and Quality: Low Prices Sell More ……………….12
Overpricing Is a Big Mistake .12
When Impulse Buying Takes Over…………13
Chapter V: Professional Editing: An Objective Evaluation ……………..14
Self-Editing is Not a Good Idea ……………..14
The Importance of Professional Editing …15
Chapter VI: eBook Covers: Making or Breaking Sales ….16
Covers and Why They Are Important …….17
Hire a Professional for a Great-Looking Cover ……….. 18
Chapter VII: Self-Advertising Methods ……..19
Amazon Product Page …………19
Social Networks 20
Book Communities …………….21
Search Engine Ads ……………. 22
Video ……………… 24
Word of Mouth .. 25
The Final Formula 26
Self-Publishing on Amazon’s Kindle Bookstore in 7 Easy Steps …. 26
Conclusion…………. 32

Sample Content Preview

Any links in your eBook should be edited to be human readable.

This is to allow them to type it in their browsers.

Formatting your eBook according to Kindle standards is a must. Page breaks must be avoided and proper coding must be observed to make it appear the way you want to. You can always make changes after uploading as you see fit. To make it easier to find your eBook, you want to select your keywords carefully. Keep in mind that rankings affect its exposure and with thousands of other titles you want to get this right for maximum exposure.

Although a product image is optional, it is recommended that you upload one anyway. Images may be uploaded in .tif or .jpg format of at least 500 pixels although 1200 pixels are recommended. An image also helps in selling your product. You can put any price for your eBook but remember that Kindle advertises these to be $9.99 or lower.

Chapter II: Reader-Oriented: Your New Mantra

Identifying the audience is one of the most important aspects of writing. Before you start writing, you need to know who exactly you are writing for. In other words, you want to narrow everything down and arrive at a point where you can start focusing the content of your eBook.

8 The Kindle Profit System Writing For a Specific Audience

Identifying your audience makes your book more manageable. It also gives a huge advantage when it comes to marketing. Once this is out of the way, you can start ticking off items on a checklist. The following is a sample format you can use. However, it is up to you to decide which ones are relevant and which ones are not.

o Age
o Background Experience o Depth of Topic
o Economic Status o Education
o Ethnicity o Familiarity o Gender
o Location o Profession o Interests
o Loyalty to your writing

Every decision you make about your book will be based on these criteria. This includes vocabulary, sentence structure, tone, humor and imagery among others. In short, the content of your eBook should be done with your audience in mind.

After you start with your eBook, it is a good idea to keep this checklist as you progress. See if are still focused on writing for your selected audience based on the items on your list. If so then keep doing what you are doing. If not, you want to make the necessary changes to stay on track.

As you can see, this means that you have to do a lot of research before starting your eBook. This is best done during the planning phase where everything is still being laid out. Writing for a specific audience also increases your chances at success. This is why it is so important to spare some effort and time into making sure that your eBook is focused.

Potential eBook Readers

Five years ago, no one would have known what an eBook was. This is how new his concept is. As such, eBook readers belong to the younger crowd of Generations X and Y. More often than not, these are the people who grew up with technology as their playmate.

Your audience then is technologically savvy and used to the on-the-go modern lifestyle.

If you are writing an eBook aimed at young adults in their early 20’s, there is a good chance that it will do well in the Kindle bookstore. A large number of this crowd does their shopping online anyway. They are more likely to turn towards their mobile devices to read this content as well.

Conversely, an eBook aimed at an older audience may not enjoy as much success. Writing about popular activities after retirement may be profitable in bookstores but it may stagnate online.

This is another good reason for identifying your audience. It lets you see if your eBook idea will flourish or bomb. Many experts believe that this generation gap is set to disappear eventually. For the meantime it is there and you have to consider this in your decision. Five years ago, no one would have known what an ebook is, this is how new this concept is.

Chapter III: Niche vs. Mainstream:

Finding the Balance

Writing for audiences means having to choose between mainstream topics and more specialized niche topics. This is one of the most crucial decisions you will have to make as a writer. Each one has its own pros and cons as discussed below.

Going Deep with Niches

Writing for a niche audience is a good thing because of the profit potential involved. More often than not, the information you need to present here is very specific. Details are very much needed which means a lot of research is required.

As such, the kind of writer needed when going deep is someone who knows a lot about something specific. You can quickly build an online reputation here and be recognized as an expert in the field.

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