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Chapter 1: What is the Point of Planning for Success?

The truth is that a lot of us are discouraged. There seems to be an unspoken system in the world that oppresses people who are not born rich and gives those who already have a lot more and more. Whether this is true or just a common misconception about the way things work, the fact is that anybody, regardless of location or circumstances, can begin to make a plan that will make their lives better.

Whether your goal is simply to move out of your house or to start a world changing business, there is nothing that you can’t accomplish if you are willing to really put yourself out there and work hard to do so. Planning can be a tedious process, especially for people who are used to failure and are afraid that all of the efforts that they make will ultimately amount to nothing.

This is unfortunately a common mindset, because most of us are inherently discouraged because of the negativity bias in our brains that most humans have. We overvalue the negatives situations in our lives and undervalue the positive situations. That means that happiness and optimism can often take a lot more work than simply succumbing to the negativity that our minds seem to be obsessed with.

No matter where you are in life, there is absolutely something worth working toward. There is always room for improvement, no matter how successful you may be already. Instead of fighting against that improvement by denying that you are struggling to make a plan and stick with it, what you can do is accept that you have goals that you want to accomplish, and one of the greatest assets that you have in your favor is your ability to plan something and dedicate yourself to that plan wholeheartedly.

Sure, making plans can be scary and dangerous, especially if you put all of your hopes into one basket and you are not flexible or realistic about those goals. You have to expect that challenges will arise and you may find yourself lacking in motivation from time to time. If you are willing to see your goals realistically and plan ahead to make allowances for unforeseen circumstances that will probably be discouraging and frustrating, and there is no reason why you wouldn’t be able to make steady and consistent progress toward achieving your ultimate goal.

Why bother planning for success? The question is more like why wouldn’t you? Every day that you are not working towards something meaningful, you are wasting. If you want to make a difference in your life and actually move forward, you have to believe in yourself and your ability to make a change. Reading Planning for Success will show you how!

Chapter 2: Are You Willing to Succeed?

Oftentimes, when it comes to setting goals, the question becomes “do you have what it takes to succeed?” Planning for Success will never ask that question. In this guide, it is already expected and accepted that everybody has what it takes to succeed. No matter what your circumstances might be, you have the resources within you to become successful.

The real question is, are you willing to succeed? Sometimes it takes more than simple willingness. If we find that we are actually afraid of success, that means there is probably something that is causing that fear. Ask yourself these questions: were you encouraged as a child or discouraged? Were you met with success in your adolescence or were you ridiculed or overlooked? When you were able to succeed, did it come with a price? And was that price worth your success?

As adults, it can become difficult for us to believe that we will ever be more than what we turn out being. We set up rigid goals and get stuck in stuffy jobs that consume the majority of our time and energy. It can seem impossible to break out of this routine, because it is this routine that allows us to survive. Trying to break out is actually very terrifying.

It makes sense that you might be afraid of success. In fact, most people are for one reason or another. Sometimes, it can help to talk to a qualified professional about what is holding you back, while other times you can begin to evaluate yourself without that type of help and ask yourself important and introspective questionsso that you are truly willing and able to face your demons head on and walked down the path for success.

When you become willing to succeed, that means that you are willing to take on whatever comes with it. You are willing to sit down and figure out the plan that you need in order to follow your goals all the way to the end. Sometimes this can mean making sacrifices, and that is another thing that many people are afraid of or unwilling to do. Rather than spending leisurely Saturday nights out drinking, you might find that it is more productive to spend your time working toward your goal. Or maybe instead of watching hours and hours of television, he realized that it is more productive to start taking the steps that you need to take in order to cross off your many goals from your list so that you are beginning to fill in the puzzle pieces that make up the big picture.

All great things require some iota of sacrifice. If you want to accomplish something big, you can’t expect it just to fall out of the air and into your lap. Fortunately, by reading Planning for Success, you will be equipped with the motivation and the tools and resources that you need to make the sacrifices worthwhile and work toward something that only you can accomplish.

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