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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Thinking Out of the Box – Why Is It an Absolute Must?

Chapter 2:
Methods of Bringing in the Traffic

Chapter 3:
List Building Strategies – Lead Capture Pages

Chapter 4:
Forging Permanent Relationships with Clients

Chapter 5:
Working within Niches

Chapter 6:
Making a Presence on the Internet

Chapter 7:
Becoming an Avid Social Blogger and Networker

Chapter 8:
Ensuring Viral Marketing for Your Business

Chapter 9:
Gaining Omnipresence through PPC Advertising

Chapter 10:
Making Sure You Last on the Internet

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Methods of Bringing in the Traffic

Traffic is important for everyone on the Internet, whether it is a small startup or a multinational giant. The only thing is that the volumes of traffic are drastically different. While a startup may have traffic in tens, global websites may have them in millions. Now, if you are planning to start an empire, it is an absolute must that your traffic goes in the millions. How do you go about doing it then? Here are the ways that most people use. Remember that you have to give all these strategies your unique approach. Using all these strategies will proportionately increase the traffic.

Marketing with Articles

Write unique articles and put them up on article marketing directories. People will read them. They will find them easily because the directories have great search engine optimization and you will be optimizing your articles through the use of keywords too. Some of the best directories to submit your articles to are,,,,, and others. There are hundreds of these directories, but you have to make sure you submit on those that are popular.

You can make this tactic your own by giving your own spin to the articles. This is where you show your expertise and really shine. When people come to know that you know your subject well, you are going to progress amazingly well.


This is almost same in principle to article marketing, but is more demanding. You have to keep the blog current by making regular posts and commenting on what the readers write. But, this could be your own public space, your nook where you write about everything that you want people to know. Blogging works because people respect a good blogger who gives quality information. Bloggers can become go-to persons very soon. If someone has a query within your business niche, they might ask you about it on your blog. When you answer that, you are stamping your seal of credibility. Other expert bloggers may also become active on your blog. In short, you can give a very personal touch to your blog and make it truly special.

Video Marketing

Video marketing through places such as YouTube ( has gained a popularity that has no precedent. This is also a very personal way to market yourself. You make a video about your business, probably with yourself speaking in it, and explain things. When people see things, they believe them better. You can actually become a celebrity on the Internet because of your videos. What’s best is that people can comment on these videos and others can answer, so it is similar in concept to blogging. You can even keyword optimize your video titles so that you make sure people view your videos.


So how many times have you heard till now that the money is in the list? But how do you build this all-important list? Here is the best method.

List Building Strategies – Lead Capture Pages

The list is the most important ally of any Internet marketer. This is the collection of email ids of people who have showed some kind of interest in the marketer’s business. Naturally, this is very important to the marketer because this is what the marketer will tap on to promote the business. If someone has shown an interest in the business, it is easy to convert them into customers. This is why lists are useful. With just a little push in the right direction, a list can vastly increase the conversion rate of the website.

So, how are lists made? In other words, how are the email ids of these important people collected? People may take some action on the website, but how to make them divulge their email ids?

One of the best ways in which intrepid Internet marketers are doing this is by using lead capture pages. These pages, also known as squeeze pages, are actually short webpages that the interested visitors are made to go through.

Let us now see how a lead capture page can be put to use.

Firstly, you will need to have a substantial product to give your visitors. This could be an eBook on anything within the subject that your business deals with. Or it could be a subscription to a newsletter. It is an absolute must that this product you design is of great quality. This is a place to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise to your casual visitors and win them over.

Offer this free to your visitor. But don’t do it directly. Give them a link from where they can download the eBook or the form for subscribing to the newsletter. However, instead of taking people directly to their expected destination, make them go through a short webpage, which is your lead capture page. This page will essentially ask them their email id, promising them alerts on more such freebies in future. It should also have a disclaimer that their email ids will not be sold to third parties.

People will usually give their email ids here, because they are impatient to get to the free goodie you are giving them. This now contributes to your list.

Now, milking the list to your advantage is up to you. You can follow them up by keeping on sending them informative and highly useful stuff (remember that your reputation is at stake here; don’t send them junk or spam) and subtly promoting your business.

When people are convinced that your product will give them some value, they will become your customers.

You have marketed relentlessly, got some long-term customers probably, and you haven’t even downgraded yourself with pitchy promotion. This is the hallmark of a great Internet marketer.


If you want to go big, you have to keep your clients happy. Just getting onetime businesses from them is not what you should be looking at; you have to make them trust you to achieve long-term goals.

Forging Permanent Relationships with Clients

When you are looking at taking your business out of the boundaries it is presently restricted with, the most important thing is to keep your current clientele’s faith. You have to make sure you don’t lag in dealing with them. Even if you get new clients, and bigger ones that too, the people that have been with you should not be shunned. Not only is that unprofessional and unethical, but it will be bad for business too. You will repent at a later stage that you did not spend better time with the clients you started out with.

But, it is also practically and personally impossible to please everyone, isn’t it? Usually, people start becoming distant when new people come in. That’s the law of life, probably, but if you are looking at the big picture, you cannot afford that.

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