The Expert Guide To Cashing In On Ebay PLR Ebook

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Table of Contents

Welcome to eBay and Tons of Income Opportunities! 5
What You Need to Know Before Getting Started 6
5 Easy Steps to Posting Your First eBay Auction 8
An eBay Seller’s Checklist 9
What’s Your eBay Reputation Really Worth? 10
10 Steps to Successful Selling on eBay 12
How to Think Like an eBay PowerSeller 14
Choosing the Right eBay Product Category 15
Tips on Writing Your eBay Title 17
eBay Description Writing Tips 18
10 Tips for Increasing Your eBay Response 19
The eBay Glossary 22
Resource Guide & Bonuses 23

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Welcome to eBay and Tons of Income Opportunities!

If you’ve ever read an article about eBay, you will have seen the kinds of incomes people make – it isn’t unusual to hear of people making thousands of dollars per month on eBay.

Next time you’re on eBay, take a look at how many PowerSellers there are: you’ll find quite a few. Now consider that every single one of one of them must be making at least $1,000 per month, as that’s eBay’s requirement for becoming a PowerSeller.

• Silver PowerSellers make at least $3,000 each month,
• Gold PowerSellers make more than $10,000,
• Platinum Powersellers make more than $25,000, and
• Titanium PowerSellers make at least a whopping $150,000 in sales every month!

The fact that these people exist gives you come idea of the income possibilities here. Most of them never set out to even set up a business on eBay – they simply started selling a few things, and then kept going. There are plenty of people whose full-time job is selling things on eBay, and some of them have been doing it for years now.

Can you imagine that? Once they’ve bought the stock, everything else is pretty much pure profit for these people – they don’t need to pay for any business premises, staff, or anything else. There are multi-million pound businesses making less in actual profit than eBay PowerSellers do.

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