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IN ADDITION, teleseminars can help you do the following:

Sell more. By presenting a sales presentation over the phone, you offer much more interactivity and a stronger personal connection than you can through a website or direct mail piece.

Create products. The calls themselves can be turned into products or classes. You can sell access to your live events, or you can record them and sell them later as CDs or audio downloads. And that’s just for starters.

Get to know your audience. Being able to interact with your audience in real time allows an unprecedented level of market research, right in the moment.

Establish yourself. If you interview experts in your area, you will quickly be seen as an expert by association. Build your list. Teleseminars are popular ways to introduce yourself to a new market. It’s easy to invite people to your free events — and as they sign up, they become part of your list.

Create trust. Trust is crucial when you want to do business online. And one of the best ways to build trust with your audience is to interact with them directly. As they hear your voice live on the call — and as they ask questions and get answers right then and there — you become “real” to them and they’ll be able to bond with you. This is something that’s much harder to accomplish through sales letters and emails.

But what about skills? Don’t you have to have some kind of “chops” to host a teleseminar? Stop wondering! If you have enough experience to start a business, you have enough experience to produce and host a teleseminar. Read on and I’ll show you how.


I n order to pull off a great teleseminar, you’ll need to plan for success. Sure, there are things that can go wrong, but if you plan your teleseminar well, most of them can be avoided. Let’s review what you need to do to ensure your teleseminar will go as smoothly as possible:

1. Choose a good topic. Choosing a topic for your teleseminar is much like choosing a topic for a blog post. You don’t want something too broad, or you’ll have no focus. And you don’t want something too narrow, or you will run out of things to say. Instead, you want to balance your need to cover new ground with your need to keep the length and breadth of your teleseminar manageable. For your first go-round, I suggest keeping things tight and focused. You should also plan keeping your call to an hour or so. Any longer and you may burn yourself out or run into more problems than you’re prepared to deal with!

Start by brainstorming a list of possible topics for your telesemi-nar. When it comes to scope, ideal topics are suitable for magazine articles rather than books! In short, go through your list of topics and decide for each one whether it is so broad you’d need a book to cover it, or if you could do it justice in a magazine article. Then make a list of your top picks. Can’t pick just one? Remember, you can always hold another tele-seminar — and you should! Right now, you’re just getting ready for the first one, so select a topic you feel comfortable with.

2. Decide on an expert. One of the greatest advantages of telesemi-nars is that you don’t have to be the expert; you can interview someone else with more experience. You can also hold a dialog between the two of you, or you can do the whole thing yourself. It’s entirely up to you.

3. Pick a day and time. Next, you need to pick a day and time. It’s easy to drive yourself nuts trying to find a day and time that works for everyone in your target audience. Just realize that no matter what you do, you simply won’t be able to pick a time that is convenient for everyone! Instead, pick a time that works for you, and go with it. You can always make the audio available later if you like.

4. Decide on whether to charge or not. Are you planning to charge for your teleseminar? You’ll want to decide upfront whether to charge or not, and what you should offer as upsells. In a later section, we’re going to cover fee vs. no fee teleseminars in more detail.

That’s it! These are the key decisions you need to make before you get started because they will affect a lot of your other activities. Just keep in mind that they’re not necessarily either/or decisions. There are a range of options you can select, so let’s discuss those in greater detail, starting with inviting an expert.

One of the easiest ways you could host a successful teleseminar is by inviting an expert. Having an expert take part in your teleseminar has a number of advantages: You don’t have to rely on your own expertise – your expert will be there to educate your audience.

You’ll achieve expert status by association. Think of Oprah: She isn’t a weight loss expert, but because she has interviewed dozens of them, she is seen as a health and fitness guru in her own right (even in light of her ongoing battles with her own weight!).

You can bring new expertise to your audience. Offering an added perspective to your audience raises your value in their eyes. You become a “connector,” someone who knows all the right people.

You can get in front of new prospects. Many experts have audiences or lists of their own, and their “tribe” will follow them to your sphere of influence. If they like what they see, they will stay a while – and maybe even buy something!

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