Marketing Gurus Lies Exposed Mrr Ebook

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Table Of Contents

Here Is What You Will Discover In This Guide: 5
Why You Should Listen To Me? 5
The REAL TRUTH About Gurus 6
How Do I Know This? 7
The Same Is True Of Most Of The “Free Traffic Generation” Gurus 7
The TOP All Time Traffic Scams 8
How To Get Some Value Out Of A Traffic Exchange 9
Bottom Line? 10
Ad Swaps, Solo Ads and Mailing Lists . . . BEWARE! 10
Blast It Ads, FFA’s And Your Ad to Millions 12
Free Viral Traffic Scams 13
Traffic Getting Software 14
Guaranteed Traffic? 15
The Path to REAL Workable Traffic 16
Another BIG Concern . . . 17
The Traffic Dashboard 17
Search Engine Traffic Reverse Engineered On Tap 18
How It Works – An Overview 19
Proven Blueprint – Making Money Online 20
How One Website May Hold ALL the Answers 22
In Conclusion 25

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First Of All I Wanted To Say Hello!

I hope you come to appreciate this in the next few pages.

A lot of what I see online is pure GARBAGE from a marketing standpoint. I see product launch after product launch of almost USELESS content. This does nothing to really help people and in fact it enslaves them to gurus who then milk them for months, even years. It sets new marketers up to have to pay for pricey and overcomplicated marketing strategies that do little to help them and everything to keep the guru making money.

Quite frankly I am NOT happy about it and have had enough.

So here is the deal, ok?

What I am about to reveal to you is information that was HARD WON, took me time to figure out but absolutely will save and even grow your business if you follow this advice.

I guarantee if you read this guide, it WILL change the way you look at marketing and traffic generation and provide some much needed TRUTH to the chaos and information overload I bet you are going through on how to market and succeed online.

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