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Table Of Contents


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Tarot Card Basics

Chapter 3: What Are the Meanings of the Pages in Tarot?

Chapter 4: How to Interpret Tarot Card Combinations

Chapter 5: How to Use Tarot for Wealth & Luck

Chapter 6: How to Calculate Time Frames With Tarot

Chapter 7: What Are the Meanings of Tarot Card Numbers for Psychic Abilities?

Chapter 8: How to Read Playing Cards As Tarot Cards

Chapter 9: How To Make Your Own Tarot Cards

Wrapping Up

Warnings About Tarot Cards

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Chapter 4:

How to Interpret Tarot Card Combinations


Tarot cards are considered as an ancient form of art or divination which is predictive. They are also used to guide one person when experiencing tough times or facing complications in life. For instance, laying out the Celtic Cross’ spread exposes several atmospheres which surround a question. The outcome of the reading will be shaped once the questions are narrowed down like knowing the past which may have influenced the present situation.

Steps on How to Interpret Tarot Card Combinations

There are several steps that you may take into account when interpreting the combinations of Tarot cards. Whether you are still learning or want to master Tarot card readings, the steps below can be of great help:

To begin the interpretation, spread the cards by observing the layout. Count cards that have common features before you start the reading.

Look for Major Arcana cards first. These cards are those with numbers 0 to 22 which show the range of the start of a karmic experience. For those who do not have any ideas about karmic experience, it is the one that you have no control over and may intervene your fate.

If from the ten cards you laid out 4 or more Major Arcana cards, this means that there is a presence of force in the place that will cause things to occur based on the action you’ve taken in your past. Based from what happened, there would be several pieces that will complicate the situation even if you do nothing.

Count the aces’ number in the reading. If there’s one or more, indications are the results of the beginning. If you got Ace of Rods in your combination, then this suggests a new growth. But, if you got Ace of Pentacles, this represents a new course of security. Ace of Cups means emotional involvement and Ace of Swords signify new challenges in the situation.

When interpreting, always observe the pages, as they indicate the experience that will be gained. However, it may not come in your present.

Pages in the combination show practice, education, sparring, planning and ideas that will be taken. However, this not just the end of the reading unless the final result shows otherwise.

Count numbers of every suit in the Tarot card reading. Each suit that has cards will serve as the guide of the force. If the card is cups, then the reading of the combination can be about relationship.

If Pentacles appeared, then the readings may guide you on financial or business matters. If the combination or reading has many Rods as compared to other suits, this means that there is renewal of life. If Swords dominate, this means that you have to plan regarding your quest and be ambitious.

Chapter 5: How to Use Tarot for Wealth & Luck


Many people are curious about their future because they want to know what their lives would be in the next coming years. If they see any mistakes or something that they don’t like, they will do something to change it, so their future will be according to their plan.

Knowing the future or how your life will turn out to be can give you peace of mind. Tarot cards have been used by many people across the globe to know their future and guide them when making decisions.
Tarot cards can also guide someone in luck and wealth. With the use of Tarot cards, you can easily assess your present and have a chance to create better decisions.

How Can You Use Tarot Cards to Know Your Luck and Wealth

When using Tarot cards, it is essential to study every card in the Tarot deck for you to interpret them much better. Before you take any action, try to become more comfortable with your Tarot cards.
Keep in mind that the pentacles cards will give you insight when reading your deck of card for wealth, as they focus mainly on finances and wealth. Then, perform Tarot card reading to determine your health, wealth, life, and love.

The next step to take is focusing on the positive meanings of cards rather than their opposite meanings. For instance, cards like tower card are always considered negative cards.

While the said card is typically associated with false truths, it does not always result to a bad outcome. Before you continue reading the card, try to know its two meanings before you conclude any outcome. If the reading brings you many negative cards, try to look at the present financial status of your life.

When using Tarot cards, make the most of them and if possible, take advantage of card readings. For instance, the Tarot reader or Tarot card reading shows that you will have a great financial future and you are in the right path.

Nevertheless, if the outcome is negative and it says that you will face financial instability in the future, figure out what you can do to avoid the hardship. This can help you change your future and might assist you to have peace of mind about your future.

If you want to make the most out of Tarot reading, don’t just read your future or your career path. Dig in for more and know the things that you can do for you to reach your goals and get rid of the failures that you may face.

Whether it is your first time to read Tarot cards or you are looking forward to learning more about Tarot reading, it is important to read the spread of your cards, so that you will know how to make the right decisions. If you don’t know the meaning of some Tarot cards in the spread, then don’t make any conclusions or something that would just depress you because Tarot reading is used for you to be optimistic about your future.

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