Talking Success: How To Earn A Great Living Training & Speaking At Seminars Plr Ebook

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents 2
1 Public Speaking 4
Five Elements of Speaking in Public 5
Brief History of Public Speaking 6
Public Speaking Today 6
Occasions and Events 7
2 Fears and Phobias 8
Fear 8
Phobia 9
Three Types of Phobias 9
Glossophobia 10
3 Root Causes of Public Speaking Fears 11
Hardwired Fears 11
Learned Fears 12
Public Speaking Fears 12
Empathy and Association 13
Gradual Building 13
4 Unlearning Your Fear 14
Learned Fears can be Unlearned 14
Mind over Matter 15
Retraining Your Responses 15
Fear Extinction and Desensitizing 16
5 All about the Audience 17
The Audience Wants You to Succeed 17
Meeting Expectations 18
Inspiration 18
Relinquishing Control 18
Creating an Approach 19
6 Tips to Remember 20
Letting go of Stress 20
Nervous Energy 20
Know Your Limitations 21
Do not Over-Prepare 22
7 Public Speaking Techniques that Work 23
Humor 23
Creating a Win-Win Situation 23
Silent Moments 23
Mistakes 24
Humility 24
Speaking with Purpose 25
Key Points 25
Brevity 26
Self Perception 26
8 Help and Support 27
Friends and Family 27
Public Speaking Classes 28
Hypnosis 28
Toastmasters International 28
9 Putting it all Together 30
Fears and Phobias 30
Establishing your Personal State 30
Evaluating your Needs 31
A Universal Problem 31
Natural Responses 31
The Audience is on Your Side 32
Conclusion 33
Practical Application 33
Using Your Knowledge 33
Using Your Resources 34
Taking Steps to Overcome Your Fear 34
Thoughtful Practice 34
Relaxation Techniques 35
Becoming Familiar with the Process 35
Resources 36

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Any guide to success in an endeavor will tell you that there is no magic formula to success. But in a lot of fields of endeavor, there seem to be “insider secrets”. And taking on the challenge of becoming a truly great public speaker is a noble ambition. But if you could learn the insider secret that makes the difference between good public speakers and great ones, that would help you make that transition.

Actually there is one great secret to what makes speakers that really shine in front of a group so great. But it isn’t magic or something that you can take as a pill and an hour later, presto, you are ready to stand up and dazzle the crowd. It is a very simple process that is something you already know a lot about. It is just simple, old fashioned hard work and preparation.

The further in advance you can start getting ready for a presentation, the better your public speaking will be. You know that feeling of terror that you experience when you address a crowd. Well you may not be able to pinpoint why that feeling comes upon you because who can think when terrified? But many times it comes up because you aren’t completely prepared and you don’t know what to do or how it will go because the material is not as well developed as it should be.

If you put the work in on your presentation, it will make all the difference in the world when you stand up to give your presentation. First of all, make sure the content meets your standards. You should make that speech compelling and fascinating to you. And if that presentation is full of great material that it not only fascinates you but you will be eager to get up there and share what you know with this crowd. And that eagerness to speak is a very refreshing feeling when it replaces that terror you felt when you did not work hard in advance to make sure the material was well developed in advance.

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