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Table of Contents


Chapter 1:
Judging Others

Chapter 2:
Stop Wasting Energy

Chapter 3:
The Byproducts Of Success

Chapter 4:
Social Pressure And Success

Chapter 5:
Constructing Success

Chapter 6:
Tips For Building The Right Foundation

Chapter 7:
Success From Within

Chapter 8:
Be Yourself

Chapter 9:
Becoming Accustomed To Success

Chapter 10:
A Last Look At Defining Success

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Your energy and thoughts are much better spent on other things than comparing and judging for your personal wealth.

Use Your Thoughts Better

Does your definition of success and wealth include the failure of those around you? Desiring a business that brings in money is really different from desiring a business that brings in the most money. Desiring to be a good author is different from desiring to be the finest author.

It’s very hard if not impossible to be jealous and happy at the same time. The more often we compare ourselves to other people, the more we expose ourselves to likely unfavorable comparisons. Over comparing ourselves to others can leave us chronically vulnerable, jeopardized, and insecure.

I frankly seldom ever compare myself to other people I know. I can forever find somebody that brings in more money, has a nicer website, publishes more and higher quality content, and teaches better than me.

Alternatively, I center on trying to identify the objective standard of performance that I need to accomplish to remain competitive in the marketplace. I recognize how much I need to publish and how well I need to instruct to be able to find another position if I wanted one. I’m only concerned with the performance of others in as much as I may be able to learn something from them that could better my own operation.

And when things go wrong, we simply have to get over it and progress. But how you move on is vital. Reflection and regret are a waste of effort as well.

Learn to view what you think are shortcomings as an enormous opportunity to learn. Not doing so well is a signal that there’s a gap between where we are and where we need to be. Learning to accept the creative tension these gaps give us are the key to continuous learning and betterment.

A long time ago, I was sounding off to my friend about how other people were doing better than me. “Why bother with them?” he responded. “Just do your own thing. Just continue applying and learning – and you’ll do hunky-dory.”

How truthful! Comparison is a waste of our energy. It causes nothing to help our attempts, and we’re simply pouring energy and time into all these worthless endeavors.

Whatever you’re applying yourself to, merely center on doing it well. Centre on the only step you are able to take – the one you’re taking now. Blank out the past; blank out the future; blank out the other people.

I came upon a story sometime ago; one that’s probably wrong if you ask a developmental psychologist – but it demonstrates a point well.

If infants could compare then only a humble percentage of us would be walking as grownups; the rest would have quit years ago. When babies discover how to crawl, walk, and run, they’re strictly centered on the act itself. They don’t look around and compare, and get down in the mouth – that baby is more precious, that baby is already walking, and look…That one is already running! Stop wasting your energy!


Wealth is really a byproduct.

Aiming For The Right Things

Success stands for the here and now. This is the comic thing – if we do not aim for acknowledgement and financial rewards, they’re far more probable to come. Tolle stated it perfectly: fame and prosperity are commonly the by-products of success. But they’re not success itself.

Success is adding quality into the very action you’re taking right now. Quality implies bringing the maximum care and attention into every action. You should know that the here and now is the only moment we have; and consequently success plainly comes from putting our heart into whatever we’re doing right now.

This was something I fought to comprehend; so maybe it would be easier to view the opposite.

How many of us are adding quality into our work? On a routine level, our minds are always disordered. Even as I write this, I’m thinking about lunch, I’m rubbing my neck; I’m looking forward to getting out this evening.

On a richer level, many individuals plainly hate what they’re doing. They merely go through the motions. Money is their common motivation – there’s no delight in what they do.

Other people are perpetually working through their ego. They work to establish that they’re brighter, better, more established. They want to look good in front of their peers. Others pollute their work with petty squabbling, backstabbing, and controversy.

So many ways! Our attention is forever being pulled in this and that direction, never centered. A light bulb, and not a torch; how can quality come out of that?

If this is you, then merely find something else, something you are able to throw yourself whole-heartedly into. However this is easy to say, hard to accomplish. If you can’t leave, then do your best to alter your mental attitude – let your actions come from a state of acceptance, of non-resistance.

This deficiency of quality is apparent even in things we take for mundane. I recollect a few years ago, when I was eating out while traveling. We ordered a local treat: a hodgepodge of vegetables, dipped in a spicy sauce. A simple affair to make – just chopping up and mixing, but my friend glowered as he watched the food being fixed.

“She’s putting no heart in it. She detests her job. I doubt it will taste good,” he said. And he was correct.

Success, then, derives from being intensely centered in the here and now; placing whatever action you’re doing into your very life purpose.

But isn’t there all of the time a different purpose to everything we do? When I work, even if I love it, isn’t making the bills a part of it?

Everything else is just a secondary purpose; one that does not have to take up any unneeded attention. I’m walking to the kitchen to get myself a cup of java – the java is inferior, the act of walking itself is my chief purpose.

The worth of this is obvious. If I leave on a date, my secondary purpose may be to charm the other person into a relationship. But if I was to be amply present and enjoying myself, having fun – that instant will be infused with as much quality and joy as imaginable, making the secondary purpose far more plausible.

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