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Table Of Contents

Page 4 : Chapter 1, Introduction to Article Marketing
Page 6 : Chapter 1.1, Basic Theory of Article Marketing
Page 7 : Chapter 1.2, Find a Good Niche
Page 11 : Chapter 2, Let Keywords do the Work for your New Articles
Page 12 : Chapter 2.1, Keyword Reseach Compendium
Page 14 : Chapter 2.2, How to Add the Chosen Keywords to Articles
Page 14 : Chapter 2.3, Get Attention Through Headlines
Page 16 : Chapter 3, Article’s Content
Page 18 : Chapter 3.1, Start to Promote
Page 19 : Chapter 3.2, Where to Publish Articles
Page 20 : Chapter 3.3, How to work with
Page 22 : Chapter 3.4, Start to Promote on Social Networks
Page 23 : Chapter 3.5, Techniques for Article Marketing Campaigns
Page 27 : Chapter 4, Article Software
Page 29 : Chapter 4.1, Article Submitters
Page 31 : Chapter 5 – Latest Steps to Build a Business
Page 38 : Chapter 6 – Useful Resources on Web
Page 43 : Chapter 7 – About me…
Page 45 : How to stay updated on Latest News

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Sometimes Article Marketing can sound as a difficult work, but this definition is one of the most wrong available, because it’s not so complicated : the unique aim of Article Marketing is to propose to some visitors (through Article Directories) an article written with a backlink to the end, that point straight to your personal website.

Article Marketing is the best advertising you can do, because it’s totally free, and the unique thing you need is only a piece of your time.

In order to be successful is not necessary to submit hundreds of mixed articles every day and hope that the visitor will click every one of your backlinks : one of the better tricks is to make less articles but more time-consuming and effective, providing best quality contents.

In fact more people is wasting time because they are not thinking about how to start correctly making a daily plan, and they finish to publish thousand of articles raking in only a maximum of 8 to 10 visitor for any one of them.

And more you will proceed with Article submission, more your name will become famous, your traffic will grow, your personal list will enlarge and also your sales will become a hit after another.

So, to avoid any error or time loss, this e-book will start from the ground to the top level, from theory to practice, to let you learn every single step needed to be a winner in Article Marketing, to gain Traffic and Money from it.

You are also encouraged to print this e-book for easy reading offline in your spare time if you need it. And also to keep it near when you are working on your favorite text editor.

I recommend you also to read the Bonuses given with this book, to enrich your practice with all the topics that stay all around Article Marketing.


If a guru will ask at a conference of beginners “What is Article Marketing for you ?” they will answer automatically : “It’s the action to send articles to article directories !”. Ok, that’s correct in part, but you need to complete this sentence, because if no one visit your text and no one clicks your link inside the article, you are missing the best and you are also losing a lot of time for nothing !

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