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Part 1: Stretching: Do It For Success – (316 Words)
Part 2: Stretching Products On The Market – (325 Words)
Part 3: Stretching: Options You Have – (319 Words)
Part 4: Stretching For Your Legs – (336 Words)
Part 5: Stretching And Exercise – (317 Words)

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Stretching exercises should compliment the type of exercise or physical exertion that you will be doing after you complete them.  If you are running after your stretching, its important to work those leg muscles as well as your hips, feet and other muscles that you’ll use.  If you don’t concentrate on the muscles that are going to be used, you’ll find that the stretching does not provide you with the warm up that you need and you could be placing yourself at risk for injury. 

If your exercise will include leg workouts, you’ll want to install the right stretching activities for the legs.  Here are a few things that you should consider doing.

Leg swings are one of the options that you have.  To complete them, start with your body standing sideways.  Keep yourself about an arm’s length away from a wall.  Place your right hand on the wall with the palm side facing down.  Then, place your weight on your left leg. Your hand is placed there for balance reasons.  Then, light your right leg and swing it forward.  Then swing it backward.  Do this for ten to twelve times.  Then, switch your stance so that you can do the same thing with the other leg.

Another very important stretch for the leg is that of lunges.  These will help you to improve your posture as well as get your muscles ready for a workout.  To begin, start with your left foot placed forward and the right foot placed behind your body.  It should look like you are taking an exaggerated step.  Then, slowly begin to flex your right foot and move your body straight down.  Your knee should now be bent.  Keep your weight on your heel of your front foot and allow the muscles in your legs, your buttocks and your back to flex and tighten then loosen.  Then, repeat this with your other leg.

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