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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Getting Press 5
Examples Of My Press Releases That Reached Number One Position In 5
Example 2 7
What These Examples Have In Common 7
Using SEO With Press Releases 8
Keyword Density 9
Why Use Press Release Services 9
What A Press Release Service Costs 11
How To Write A Good Press or News Release 11
Headline Or Title 12
First Paragraph 12
Following Paragraphs 13
Contact Information 13
Additional Information 13
Using The Pound Signs ### 14
Chapter 2 – The Wire Of The Web 15
The Secret Method I Use 15
Choosing The Perfect Headline To Attract Traffic 15
A Must Do In The SEO Optimization Tracks 17
The Event box: 17
Related Links: 17
When Can I Expect Results? 18
Most Important Tips About Writing Your Press Release 19
Examples Of Press Release Intros I’ve Used 20
Example 1: 20
Example 2: 20
Example 3: 21
Example 4: 21
Example 5: 21
Example 6: 21
The Second Paragraph Of Press Release 22
Example 1: 22
Example 2 : 23
Example 3 : 23
Example 4 : 23
Ending The Press Releases: 24
Example 1: 24
Example 2: 25
Example 3: 25
Example 4: 26
Tip : 26
FREE Press Release Wire Services 27
1. The Open Press 27
2. Newswire Today 27
3. My Free PR 28
Other Ways To Attract Traffic 28
Article Directories 29
Use Blogs 29
Join A Social Networking Site, Or Two 30
Learn About Social Bookmarking 30
Many, Many More Ways 30
Chapter 4 – Making Money 32
Google AdSense 32 33
Pay-Per-Click Every Time 34
Lists Highest Bidders First 34
Competitive Bidding Increases Over Time 34
Customized Ads 34
Block Unwanted Ads 34
Performance Tracking 35
Automatic Payout After Reaching $10 35
Direct Sales 35
Affiliate Sales 36
Other Sources For Monetizing Your Site 38
Chapter 5 – Where’s The Niche? 39
Brainstorming Potential Niche Markets 39
The Google Keyword Tool 41
Check Who Your Competitors Might Be 42
Demographics 44
The Goldilocks Principle Of Niche Development 45
Some Great High Paying Niche Ideas 45
Chapter 6 – Search Engine Optimization 47
Choose Familiar Words 47
Choose Words That Follow The Goldilocks Rule 48
Start Small 48
Geography Helps 48
Overlap Keywords 49
Don’t Focus Too Much On Density 49
Test Your SEO Results 49
Have A Main Keyword Chosen 49
What You Need To Know About Good SEO Writing 50
How To Make Awkward Keywords Sound Natural 51
Google Stop Words 51
Punctuation is also ignored 51
Or, if you are using stop words: 52
To Spell Or Misspell, That Is The Question 52

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Chapter 1 – Getting Press

Now, that we’ve simplified the concept of arbitrage for you, let’s start with the first part of the system; attracting traffic to your sites. Although there are other methods, we’re going to focus on press releases for the purpose of this chapter.

A press release is something a company or individual sends out to notify others that there is something new or news worthy going on. Generally, news media’s are hungry for new content and press releases are one way for them to focus on timely information that might be of interest to their readers. So, press releases aren’t just like articles you put into an archive directory. They have great potential to land in mainstream news media stories and to be passed along as current events.

Many people spend tons of money and countless hours trying to work out Search engine optimization, however we all know that certain search engines prefer certain ‘content’ against any other websites. Amongst the preferred content of top search engines is Press Releases.

We will delve into the issue of how we can easily tap into this resource and drive tons of traffic to your websites.

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