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Most people involved with Internet Marketing have heard of, or have even used PLR (Private Label Rights) information products – usually ebooks or articles.

In fact PLR has grown in popularity over the past few years to the point where I think the worst has become pretty awful in quality, while the better quality PLR has gone on to be excellent, both in quality and value for money.

What’s the big attraction? Products carrying Private Label Rights are yours to:

• Modify as you see fit
• Rewrite, redesign or reprogram
• Claim ownership…put your name on them as author
• Split up into other products…make several out of one product
• Change the title
• Add graphics or delete them

As you can see from the list, you can pretty much do what you want to do with any product carrying Private Label Rights when you get it.

There’s probably thousands of marketers selling or giving away PLR article packs, with quite a few recycling the same articles. The marketing buzz about using PLR articles to monetize your blog or attract traffic can be found almost anywhere on the Web.

But there’s a new kid on the block.

A lesser known PLR product however, PLR Software, has been quietly carving a niche in the background and making a difference in both the product lines and income possibilities for those who can see the real benefits of selling it.

It’s no longer the case that to make serious profits selling software you have to have vast amounts of money to invest or to be able to compete with the big players.

Now almost anyone can grab PLR software, resell it or adapt it and make very good profits from doing so.

Part of the reason that PLR software is so valuable is that there isn’t a great deal of it about, which as you’ll see, is both a good and a bad point on terms of earning potential.

The search for PLR software is much like a treasure hunt for Blackbeard’s buried chest of gold coins. The constant blast of “Look At Me” media offerings for the article side of PLR has overshadowed the benefits of selling software with the same rights.

Many opportunities for PLR software downloads exist, but finding them is the difficult part…Welcome to “The Treasure Hunt!”

This ebook will focus on finding the “quiet one,” PLR Software, and how to profit when you’ve done so.

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- Ebook (PDF), 33 Pages
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- Year Released/Circulated: 2009
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NO Sell Private Label Rights
NO Claim Full Copyright
YES Sell Master Resale Rights
YES Edit/Alter the Sales Materials
YES Added to Paid Membership Sites
NO Added to Free Membership Sites
YES Can be Broken Down Into Articles
YES Can be Packaged with Other Products
NO Sell at Auction Sites
NO Offered Through Dime Sale Events
YES Offered as Free Bonus (including Email Opt-in's)
NO Given Away for Free
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