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MySpace includes a free blogging feature that at the time of writing FaceBook doesn’t have. Unlike FB, all profiles are public – which means you don’t need to be a friend to see the profile. MySpace pages show up in Search Engines with all content visible.

When setting up your profile include as many images of your clients products, and services, together with links back to different sections of your site, and your other social media accounts.

Try to include personal information and pictures too. The more comfortable visitors (prospective clients) feel with you (or your client) the more trust and confidence will be established – and people like to buy from people they know and trust.

Similarly if you are honest, and open it will help to establish trust and lead to sales.

Try to be yourself. Tell people about your, what you are doing, what your business does, and what products and promotions you are running.

Add interesting (and funny) pictures and videos to accompany the blog posts. Keep your blog moving. So make regular posts, but don’t post repetitive of boring thoughts and comments.

Marketing on MySpace

– Use your real name – it will help to build credibility & is also going to make it easy for people who know you or have been referred to find you online.

– Search for people in your target niche, or who have the same interests and add them as friends.

– Get involved, be an active member. Social Media is about engagement, and communication, so if you are not engaging other users in conversation, by new posts, and comments, then they are going to lose interest in you.

– Build relationships with people before selling. We have to repeat this point, don’t be shy, get to know people and let them get to know you.

– Provide value and special deals, not the same or worse deals than they can get from other sites, try to make your client or your business stand out. If you offer something for free make sure its quality.

– Comment and show interest in other people and ask their opinions. People feel obliged to read more about you, when they see you took time to read and comment about something they said or posted.

– When selling, because you have focused in the preceding steps to build a relationship, you only need to soft sell: Example “Hey check out what I just launched…” or “Hey, if you were interested in this, then you might want to look at this also…”

The Overnight Social Media Manager

As a Social Media Manager you will take the aforementioned passion, and skills and sell them to local businesses, niche markets, and help them to improve their existing online Social Marketing activities or get them online, and up and running.

You will earn a residual income from each client, as the services you are going to provide them are ongoing. As you grow your business you will outsource some of the tasks to Virtual Assistants (People you use remotely to do the hard work, while you manage the relationship with your client).

You will use social media platforms like facebook, twitter, youtube, linkedin , myspace, etc to create a more profitable interaction between your client and his prospects and customers. Done right this is a win-win. Your work will pay for itself. Your client will recommend you to friends, and business associates.

As a Social Media Manager you will be responsible for setting up the profiles for them – for example signing up a Twitter account, filling out the profile, building followers, etc.

Additionally you can offer to produce a branded design for them – which you can outsource for half the price you will charge. You will also maintain their Social Media accounts for them. For clients who already have their profiles setup you will do tasks like deleting Spam messages, or make timely announcements for them.

Most Social Marketing tasks are very simple, but to your clients they will appear complex, time consuming, and something worth paying an expert (You!) to do for them.

Here are some of the simple tasks clients will pay you to do – post tweets, status updates, and reply to different posts for you client. Social Media Marketing is not complex, nor is it time consuming. You should be able to handle 5-10 clients in 2 to 4 hours a week. As your business grows you will be able to outsource these tasks to Virtual Assistants. This will free up your time to build more clients, and more profit.

The need for Social Media Managers

In most offline niches you will find plenty of businesses have got a website, but a high percentage have little or no traffic. It is not a case of “build it and they will come”. Even where a business does have some traffic, they always will be happy to get more.

The ideal target niche has some form of online presence, but lacks the skills or personnel to maximise their online activity. There are many small to medium sized businesses that simply don’t have time to tackle Social Media Marketing, but want to, because they believe it could help them grow their business.

Here is an example of a niche that has a need for Social Media Managers. Auto Mechanics, according to there are 26,000,000 pages listed for the keyword mechanics, if you search for mechanics texas there are 3,720,000 pages listed, and if we narrow our search down to Alamo Heights there are 11,200 pages listed. This and the Yellowpages can give you an excellent starting point to working out your prospects.

Using the Social Media Marketing Manager software you will be able to create a free useful report (showing them where they stand in terms of their Social Media Visibility) to give to your prospects, you can include in your report an overview of the services you offer, and costs, even including a subscribe now link for each service. The report will do most of the selling for you.

Your role is to identify the clients weaknesses in his online activity, and help him to fix them, while of course getting paid a monthly retainer for doing so.

By focusing on local niche markets you can contact by email, and phone you will be able to pick up new clients every day and within 3 months you should have an established Social Media Management portfolio.

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