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Giveaways are one of the commonest methods marketers are currently using to start building their list.

They aren’t as good as they used to be and it takes a while to get a good system working that maximises your results. Whilst I have gained 200 subscribers in a couple of events, some have gained me less than 10.

I have done several hundred in the last two years and these key points are the my conclusions on how to get the most out of these events. My tips are:

1) Don’t try to do everything at once – plug in extra bits gradually. This is the key to succeed online. Get things up and running fast and go back later and improve.

2) Use the upgrade offers on a few very select ones which will allow you additional features eg entering more gifts, adding banners, text adverts, and special offers.

3) Use special offers (in most giveaways) As you mentioned you get to know the people who run the best ones after a while. The special offer ideally should be closely related to giveaways – I’ve seen some really good ones with packs of products and a report on how to use them in giveaways.

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- 3 Ebooks (PDF), 15 Pages
- 3 Audios (MP3)
- bonuses
- Year Released/Circulated: 2011
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[YES] Can be edited completely and your name put on it
[YES] Can be given away
[YES] Can be sold
[YES] Can be used as a bonus for another paid product
[YES] Can sell Resell Rights
[NO] Can sell Master Resell Rights
[NO] Can sell Private Label Rights
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