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Can Your Smartphone Replace Your Desktop Computer for Work? 4
How Useful is a Stylus for a Business Phone? 5
Should You Use iOS or Android for Your Business Phone? 6
The Best Accessories for Your Business Phone 7
The Best Office Apps for iOS and Android 9
Why IFTTT is the Perfect App for Improving Your Productivity 10
Why and How to Create an App for Your Business 11
What is the Best Smartphone for Business? 12
Top Uses of a Smartphone for a Business User 13
The Very Best Productivity Apps for Business Owners 14

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Can Your Smartphone Replace Your Desktop Computer for Work?

Many of us consider our desktop computers primarily as work devices. These are the machines we use when we’re writing documents, updating spreadsheets, creating slideshows and presentations and pretty much whenever we have any kind of work to do.

But desktop computers are not portable and they are prone to going wrong occasionally. As such, it’s very possible to imagine you might end up stuck without your computer and having to make do with your smartphone – which is always on and always on your person.

Could you make do?

Let’s find out…


The main challenges would be finding compatible software. If you only tend to use Microsoft Office for your work, then the good news is that both iOS and Android have fully functional office suits from Microsoft in the form of Office365. You’ll need an Office subscription and some features are lacking but overall it will be sufficient for most people looking for a way to write their documents on the move.

If you don’t have an office subscription then you can alternatively use free alternatives like Kingsoft Office or Documents to Go.

Unfortunately, some businesses will require their own specialist software and this is where things can get a little bit more difficult for those who need to work on the move. Unless you can find a way to stream your computer to your smartphone (which will be fiddly) you’ll probably be stumped.


The other challenge with working on a smartphone would be the input. Fortunately this is a matter that is considerably easier to solve. If you’re someone who owns an Android, then setting up a compatible Bluetooth mouse and keyboard is actually very easy. If you then prop your phone up with a stand you can have a set-up that is reminiscent of a very tiny computer and this can be used to work anywhere. You can even get foldable

keyboards allowing you to keep the whole set-up in your pockets! With an iPhone on the other hand, you won’t be able to get mouse support but with a capacitive stylus you can achieve much the same thing. And if you aren’t on the move, then you can even rig a smartphone up to a television or a monitor in order to get a big screen experience. While it’s not quite perfect yet then, most smartphones can be used to emulate the features of a full-blown PC.

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