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Table Of Contents

Introduction- Page 3
Why The Button?- Page 4
Types Of Buttons- Page 11
Creating The Button- Page 22
Pricing The Button- Page 25
Marketing The Button -Page 30
Supporting The Button- Page 44
Some Final Words- Page 47

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If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering what all this “button” stuff is about? Is it just more hype or is there really something to it? I have a confession to make. When I first started marketing online back on 2003 and first heard about the “button” I thought it was a lot of hype. And yet, I was still curious. Was there REALLY such a thing? Could I simply press a button and have hundred dollar bills fall from the sky?

Let me stop right there because this is very important. If you’re expecting something as simple as pressing or pushing a button and the money will start falling into your lap, you should probably put this ebook down right now and move onto something else.

But if you’re open minded enough to discover the true secret to Internet marketing riches, you might want to read what’s contained in this document, especially if you’re relatively new to Internet marketing. Old timers have known this stuff for ages and use it every single day. You may not realize it, because it’s so subtle, but they do…and it’s what keeps people buying time and time again.

And make no mistake about it. In spite of what you might be thinking, buttons DO exist. In fact, you already use many of them without realizing it. That’s why I say it’s subtle. Subtle and simple but something you NEED to understand if you’re EVER going to have success as an Internet marketer.

This document will give you all the info you need including the why and the how.

So let’s get started.

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