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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Common social problems in schools
Chapter 2:
Discover your talent & build higher self esteem
Chapter 3:
Participation in group events for students
Chapter 4:
Volunteer to be a leader to build leadership skills
Chapter 5:
Be the man of your word, demonstrate reliability
Chapter 6:
Continuous improvement on your mistakes
Chapter 7:
Be friendly and make lots of friends
Chapter 8:
Take up responsibilities in assignments
Chapter 9:
Respect other people differences
Chapter 10:
Show your resourcefulness through sharing knowledge

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Chapter 2:

Discover your talent & build higher self esteem

Taking time to discover what talent you have would help a lot in enhancing the way you feel regarding yourself. Besides, it lets you love and appreciate yourself more. Every person has his or her own talent – it’s a special gift given by God. So when someone asks you about your talent, what is your answer to him or her? If you don’t know what’s your talent yet then it’s the right time for you to make a move and to find the right response to that question.

There are some things you can do to determine your hidden talent. Why don’t you explore the history of your family and find out the talents possessed by your sisters or brothers or your father or mother? Are there singers, artists or dancers in your ancestry?

Typically, a child inherits not only the appearance of his or her father or mother but he or she can also inherit the talent that either his or her father or mother has. It’s because talents have a tendency to run in a family and knowing your inherited talent can spark a brand new path to your life.

Then, try to recall those things you like the most or to where you are good at when you were just a kid. This particular stage of life is where a person is exposed to various activities or any class subjects that require a particular skill or talent. If you have put them out of your way for such a long period of time, today could be the right time for you to bring back to life your childhood talent.

Then now, you should think about the present. Think of something that is very interesting to you today. It can be a small spark of a thought. It might not be too huge at first yet it’s something that you can feel deep within your soul. Or, it can be just something you are good at. You may get a piece of piece and write down all ideas that you may desire to pursue. Focus on those things you really like.

As soon as you have found your talent, you should pursue that with dedication, determination and full willingness to show what you’ve got to the entire world. Pursue that talent with all your heart. Your talent will take you to where you can be because it will help you develop more confidence.

Your talent will change the way you value yourself. Knowing your talent lets you build higher self-esteem. So, take some time today to rediscover who you are, use your talent and be proud to show others what you can do. All your efforts will be paid and you will be few steps away from what will make you proud of yourself.

Chapter 3:

Participation in group events for students

As a student, you will encounter certain situations wherein your teacher will encourage you to join in group events. Why don’t you follow your teacher if you know that will bring good to you? Are you a kind of student who is very shy but is willing to overcome such character? If you answered “yes” to this question then you should try to interact with other students through joining the group events you like.

It’s not only an opportunity to meet new people and make friends with them but it can also be the right timing to learn and develop some things that will make you a better student. Did you know that group events can empower you to make your own decisions? Aside from that, it can help you earn vital experience and some sorts of skills that will lead you to the right path going to your future.

With your willingness to join in group events, you will be able to show your good traits. For instance, if you have the heart to help someone, you can take these events as opportunities to practice such trait. Being active when it comes to group activities lets you embrace diversity and gain motivation. Besides, it is a way for you to learn how to work with other people effectively.

If you are one of those people who find a hard time to develop some skills then you should consider the importance of participating in the group events. You can develop your communication and problem solving skills by joining any group activities that are held within the school. Being an active participant of group events also gives you the chance to become more engaged in campus life which you will really enjoy. These activities will also let you learn the available resources within your school and you will be given the freedom to use them. If you have the interest to act as a leader then being an active group event participant will help you evaluate and improve your leadership way. It also builds a professional and academic network.

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