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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Career Basics
Chapter 2:
What Are Your Interests
Chapter 3:
Assessments Tests
Chapter 4:
Classes To Explore Interests
Chapter 5:
Use Networking
Chapter 6:
Using Internships
Chapter 7:
Using Shadowing
Chapter 8:
Consider Location And Demand
Chapter 9:
Consider Online Or Offline Options

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Chapter 2: What Are Your Interests


Finding the right career will require you to know your own interests. You are the only person who truly knows your interests. How can you identify them? Knowing your interest can be one of the tools you can use for choosing a career that you are passionate about.

How to Determine Your Interests?

Having a clear idea regarding your own personal interests is one of the very first steps in making the best career decision.

Stop and try to ask yourself some questions including:

What are the things that make you happy?
What do you want to do during your free time?
What academic subjects and hobbies do you enjoy?

Your answers to those questions will reveal tons of things about who you really are and can offer you insight to your exceptional personality.

What Are Interests?

Interests are the activities you find fulfilling and enjoy. These are also the activities that you want to spend more time doing. There are also cases that interests are the things you plan to do in the next years of your life.

Interests may also be known as pastimes, hobbies, extracurricular activities or recreational pursuits. While you are discovering your interests, you will be searching for what you want to do and not what you can do. You do not have to be good at particular things for it to be one of your interests. You must also think about your dislikes because this may give you clues on what you like.

Things that you are interested in may be work-related, but sometimes, they may not. You may also have interests that suit both areas. So, it is important to examine all of the aspects of your life when you are looking for your interests. These aspects may include academic courses, school involvement, social interactions, recreational activities, work, and even daydreams.

Chapter 3: Assessments Tests


Plenty of individuals take assessment tests to explore their skills, career interests, and preferences. While no assessment can accurately describe who you really are or what career you should consider, they can actually help you narrow your research and discover some options that you might not have yet considered.

What Are Assessment Tests?

Career tests are also referred to as career assessments. These are the tools made to help you choose your career or find a better career that can replace your current career.

The majority of career tests will ask you some questions and will offer you a list of careers that will match your answers.

Career assessment tests have been available for a long period of time. There are no assessment tests that will give you a single career that is best for you. It is not possible for the test to do that. But rather, great career tests will offer you a list of career choices. With these, you will be able to narrow down your options using the elimination process.

There are several kinds of career assessment tests and each works in a different manner. These include personality, interest, and aptitude tests.

Personality Career Tests

Personality tests may help you choose the right career through showing you what kinds of work as well as careers that your brain is best wired for. These also involve your values. Knowing what your brain wants and prefers can help you choose the best career.

Almost all personality tests are based on the Carl Jung’s work. This assessment will try to know how you prefer to use your brain, how you prefer to live your life.

Interest Based Assessment Tests

Determining your interests and matching them to your preferred career is the key to experiencing success in your career. It’s much easier for you to be good at a kind of work if you’re interested in it. You have to take note that you will not succeed if you hate what you are doing. Therefore, know your interests and consider matching them in various kinds of work, this can help you choose a career where you can be satisfied and successful.

Aptitude Tests

This is the third kind of career assessment test. This determines how fast you can type and how many errors you will generate. There are also some aptitude tests that may determine how good you are at math, reasoning or foreign languages. But, these tests will not point you to the list of career choices.

Career assessment tests will let you discover which career is the best fit for you. Personality based and interest based career assessment tests are the most powerful and useful. The majority of coaches and career counselors use these types of career assessment tests to assist people with finding their ideal career.

Chapter 4: Classes to Explore Interests


Your interests will help you to determine what type of profession you want. Some studies conclude that a person who has interest and passion in doing something has a higher chance to succeed than a person who does not have any interest in doing a certain thing.

It is important that you know and you can identify things that can catch your interest so that you will also know or determine what type of profession that suits your skills, capabilities and interests. Determining your interest and assessing your overall capacity can relatively help you chase success in your life as well as your career.

Ways to Explore your Interest

There are some people, who even at young ages, can already determine what they want to be because they find a certain thing interesting. It is the main reason why some people can easily focus on doing things that can make their aspirations in life and career into realities. However, the problem is that not all people can easily determine what things they are good at or which things they want to do. People classified as late bloomers do not need to worry because determining which things you might find interesting is still possible through different ways.

There are still many people who hate this point of their lives and still cannot identify things that they want to be. The majority of people do not have a clue about what career they want to have. It is indeed a tough problem that you need to face. However, it is not yet too late to identify careers that you might find interesting.

Exploring interests does not only apply to young people, adults can still gain from discovering what catches their attention. There are several methods that can help you explore your interests so that you will know what field of study you are good at. Knowing what field of study you are good at can relatively help you find the best profession that suits you. Tips on how to successfully determine or identify your interests are listed below:

1. You need to explore all options that you think you have. In order to explore your interests, it is essential that you first analyze your aptitudes and then your weaknesses and strengths. You also need to determine things or activities that you think are interesting to do. You also need to consider your personality in order to know which field of profession you want to be in. Analyzing or assessing your capabilities, skills and other aspects can help you discover more things about yourself which can help you as well to explore your interests.

2. Think of a profession that you think suits your skills, personality and interests. You need to consider your passions so that you will also know your interests. Finding a perfect occupation is not just all about earning money, you also need to consider if you will be happy while doing a certain profession. You need to know and understand that if you are passionate and interested about doing something or working on something you will be enthusiastic and successful.

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