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Self Defense PLR Autoresponder Email Series

Autoresponder Message Titles:

– Learning Improvised Weapons For Self Defense
– Self Defense For Kids
– Kenpo Self Defense
– Unarmed Self Defense Techniques
– De-Escalation And Self Defense
– Higher Awareness And Self-Defense
– Karate For Self Defense
– Aikido For Self Defense
– Hapkido For Self Defense
– Jujutsu Self Defense Tactics
– Pressure Points For Self Defense
– Finding Self Defense Classes
– Tae Kwon Do For Self Defense
– Reality-Based Self Defense
– Types Of Self Defense Classes
– Hand-to-Hand Combat Efforts With Self Defense
– Why You Should Take A Self Defense Class
– Self Defense Kickboxing Techniques
– Kung Fu Moves For Self Defense
– Self Defense And Using Avoidance To Miss Dangerous Situations
– Understanding The Law Of Self Defense
– The Art Of Judo For Self Defense
– Krav Maga Self Defense
– Self Defense For Your Home Security
– Self Defense Against Domestic Violence
– The Right To Self Defense
– Stun Guns
– Other Ways To Learn Self Defense
– Self Defense Fighting Techniques
– Do You Want To Teach Self Defense Classes?
– The Importance Of A Self Defense Certification
– Self Defense For Women
– Personal Alarms For Self Defense
– Taser Guns
– Self Defense For Men
– Rape Aggression Defense Systems
– Self Defense Products For Keychains
– Muay Thai Self Defense Tactics
– Self Defense Techniques For The Naïve And Out Of Shape
– The Kubotan Self Defense Item
– What Should You Look For In A Self Defense Class?
– Learning Self Defense For The Street
– Self Defense Against Violence
– Using Gun Training For Your Self Defense
– Self-Defense Products: An Overview
– Self Defense Techniques For Law Enforcement
– Pepper Spray
– Gun Statistics And Self Defense
– What Is Capoeira For Self Defense?
– Using Guns For Self Defense
– Mixed Martial Arts For Self Defense
– What Is Self-Defense?

Sample Affiliate Program Preview:

The Happy Ninja

Quality martial arts, ninja weapons, self defense, blades, and survival equipment. Items range from a few dollars to several hundred, with an average order around the $75.00. 15% commission.

Self Defense for Women

Earn 70% commission with a 90-day cookie. Selling Price of $35.00.

How to Win Any Fight in Under 3 Minutes

Self Defense & Martial Arts Secrets! For websites focused on Karate, Kung Fu, Self Defense, Judo, Martial Arts Or Any Other Type Of combat website. Includes 8 martial arts & self defense products you can promote. Earm $12-$26 a sale (70% of selling price).

Punch Harder, Faster, And More

“Martial Arts And Self Defense Info. You Just Can’t Get Anywhere Else.” Collection of punch articles; chapters, and ebooklets to help improve all aspects of punching skills — 100% guaranteed! Pays 45% ($9.49 per sale); administered through ClickBank.

Secret Power Of Simple Self Defense Tactics

Self Defense Training Manual. Earn 75% commission ($16.74 per sale).

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