Secrets Of Affiliate Marketing Personal Use Ebook

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Table Of Contents

1. Introduction 5
1.1 What Is Affiliate Marketing? 5
1.2 Why You Would Love Affiliate Marketing 6
2. Choosing The Right Affiliate Program And Product To Promote 7
2.1 Why You Should Become A ClickBank Affiliate 7
2.2 The 3 Steps To Pick A Winner To Promote 8
3. How To Pick The Right Keywords That Shoot Your Sales Up The Roof 10
3.1 Why Keyword Research Is Critical For Your Business 10
3.2 Targeting Long Tail Key Phrases 10
3.3 Secrets To Building Huge Keyword Lists 12
4. Sales Funnel Secrets Revealed 13
4.1 Direct Selling For “BUMS” 14
4.2 Using Product Reviews To Presell Your Visitors 15
4.3 How Mini Courses Can Triple Or Quadruple Your Income 16
4.4 Creating Free Reports – Your 24/7 Salespersons 17
5. Traffic Building Strategies And Secrets 18
5.1 Article Marketing – The “WRITE” Way For Massive Traffic 18
5.2 Web 2.0 Secrets That Pull In Hundreds Of Visitors On Demand 20
5.3 Pay-Per-Click Traffic – Where To Find Cheap Clicks 21
5.4 List Building For Repeated Sales 22
6. 7-Day Affiliate Marketing BluePrint – Putting Things Together 23
7. The Affiliate Marketer’s Killer Toolbox 25
7.1 Essential Must-Have Tools 25
7.2 More Secret Weapons In The Arsenal 27
8. Final Thoughts 29
9. Recommended Resources 30
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1.1 What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is basically in short, selling others’ products as an affiliate. An affiliate is like an independent salesperson that gets a commission on each completed sale. You can be an affiliate of many affiliate programs or just one. It’s your choice. And you can sell anything online from physical products like DVDs, vitamin supplements to digital products like ebooks and music MP3 files.

Becoming an affiliate is not a difficult task on the internet. There are dozens of affiliate programs online that accepts almost everyone into their program. And registration is in most cases, free.

The job of the affiliate is to expose the product to potential buyers. Making the sales however does require some work on your part as an affiliate. The whole marketing process can be an interesting one albeit challenging for some. When I first started on affiliate marketing, I too faced some difficulties in getting it right. But I soon learnt through ebooks, forums and from people who made it good.

Affiliate marketing is one of the greatest opportunity and indeed easiest ways for anyone to make a fortune online. The Dot Com boom and increasing interest and usage of the internet as the main source for information has created many opportunities for products to be sold online.

Anyone can get started and do it full time or part time. It does not matter what you are doing offline for a living. You can be a teacher, an engineer, a banker, a doctor (yes, there are doctors who switched to affiliate marketing as their new career), a retail sales assistant, a crane operator, a full-time mother or even a teen. Yes, there are some celebrity affiliate marketers who dropped out from college to pursue affiliate marketing. Surely, there must be something alluring?

Ok, by now, your appetite must be whetted. The reason why I wrote this book is to show you the killer secrets of affiliate marketing for you to succeed and not struggle as an affiliate and hopefully become the next internet marketing guru!

I encourage you to read through every page thoroughly, pen down your thoughts and work on the proven plan I crafted towards the end of the report.

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