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Table of Contents

What Is A Sales Funnel? ….. 3
What is Internet Commerce. 4
What Can I Sell ….. 5
Clickbank 6
Drop Shipping 7
Affiliate Marketing . 8
The Link Between Products, Key Words and Prospects 9
The Front and Back of Sales Funnels …. 10
Sales Funnel Success 11
Sales Funnel Planning …… 12
Putting Your Theory to Practice …… 13
Content Marketing …… 14
Article Marketing . 15
Google’s Adwords Program ….. 16
Marketing Offline . 17
Blogs ….. 18
Social Media 19
Auto Responders 20
The Joint Venture 21
Measuring Success …. 22
Top Sales Funnel Products …… 23

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ClickBank is utilized by over 10, 000 web companies and 100, 000 affiliates to provide their services and products immediately on the internet, with Ebooks and computer software the primary purchases. Anybody can join ClickBank being an affiliate – it’s free. Whenever you look for a product that you intend to promote, either at a vendor’s web site or by searching through the ClickBank Marketplace, you’ll be given a particular link that you simply use to send clients to the merchandise page. The very first thing you must do is to register for a ClickBank account. This is to ensure that ClickBank can send you payments. Payment is sent every 14 days. Now you will be ready to promote ClickBank products and services and earn commission. The market listings are displayed by popularity, to help you easily note which would be the items most in-demand. Against each entry is a link to create a hoplink which gives you the amount of commission you’ll obtain upon selling that item and your affiliate link. You need to target products and services with an acceptable rate of commission, no less than 25%, to ensure your time and efforts are worthwhile. Affiliates can easily add the ClickBank services or products to their sites or their adverts and earn commission (as much as 75%) on the sales. They are able to also earn money as a reseller by referring other affiliates and vendors to ClickBank. Vendors may utilize Clickbank to take care of the complete ordering procedure and to manage their affiliate schemes. Clickbank will pay sales commission, automatically, to every affiliate who connects a paying client to the seller. Clickbank charges the client, pays the vendor, and pays the affiliate. Among the explanations why Clickbank is loved is due to its’ robust marketplace (a large number of affiliates can easily see and promote your product). To be a merchant, you’d be having to pay a one-time fee of $49. 95. Probably, that’s all you’ll ever pay. The draw-back, however, is that Clickbank will take a commission from every one of your sales, which will be around 10% (at this time). Also, tempting affiliates is quite difficult with a minimum of a 50% commission required to even have them interested.

Clickbank is one of the many digital product sites on the web. Other similar websites include:,,,,,,,, and To sum up, Clickbank is a good network, with an easy and simple to access system, easy registration process and good support. While there are some things that can be improved, over all Clickbank is a really usable network ideal for people first starting out in internet marketing.

Drop Shipping

Today, drop shipping is really as popular as it ever was. The primary ingredients for an effective drop-shipping business are: a great, reliable drop-shipping company, a sales funnel (mainly e-bay) and, the most crucial ingredient, the client. Without drop-shipping, you are able to be an e-bay member and create a good income on-line, but with a drop-shipping company, you have even more products available. Having a great drop-shipper is excellent, since there is no inventory needed by you because all sales and delivery are looked after by the drop-shipper. Do not alter the tech specs of any products supplied by the drop shipping company, but be sure you put an alternative description to the merchandise in order to give it a distinctive feel from what other sellers are utilizing. Any photo’s of products you have already been provided with for sale, should also be produced to appear dissimilar to the rest of the sellers on e-bay who might be utilizing the same drop-shipper as you. This could probably incorporate an ad-rotator. Make certain, before you begin to market any items on e-bay, that you always check the costs of the other sellers on-line, as well as the buying price of the retailers where you live. Whenever you now get sales for the products, all you have to do would be to pay the drop-shipper his or her price for the merchandise and keep the difference between your drop-shipper’s price and that which you charged the client as your profit. Once you have become proficient with trying to sell drop-shipping items on e-bay, you’ll then have the ability to start and sell things on a bigger scale. This really is ok, however, you must keep in mind that you’ll have to pay e-bay for the privilege of allowing you to sell and display your products and services on the site. You need to ensure that deliveries from the drop shipper are on time and that the products reach your clients in an acceptable state, otherwise the reputation you have on-line might suffer, making sales in the future difficult.

There are several guides available on Clickbank about Drop Shipping that are worth checking out. These include: ‘The Drop Ship Guide’, which takes you through the basics of setting up your own drop shipping business step-by-step; and ‘Drop Shipping 4 Idiots’, which is a comprehensive course covering all aspects of the industry, including insider product sourcing secrets and dozens of high traffic places where you can list and sell your products for free. Being a truly successful seller is what you are targeting so, with a great drop-shipper and e-bay working together, you have everything you require to flourish because this is a winning combination for a sales-force.

Affiliate Marketing

You may have heard that affiliate marketing is among the easiest ways to generate an income on the internet. Listed here are the steps to carrying it out your-self: Select a specialized niche By this, we mean a particular group of individuals that you’re targeting. This group will have an interest in a specific product or information that one can sell to them. Types of these items include: cameras, Kindle, ebooks about love, editing computer software and so on. In selecting a niche, you have to be as specific as you are able to be. You shouldn’t be too broad since the competition will, undoubtedly, be very fierce. Be very particular and become a big fish in a small pond. Put up your site or weblog Before you do any-thing, you’ll first want a weblog or, even better, an internet site. Do not worry if you know nothing about web development, because creating a web-site isn’t (any longer) as hard as you believe it is. A total newbie is now able to easily create a web-site. You must have an internet site so you can have an online shop where you are able to sell your affiliate products and services. All you need to do here is obtain a domain name. In selecting a domain name, it is best to work with a phrase that relates to your niche. In online marketing, this is known as key words. You are able to research rich key words on Google Adwords. Rich key words describe phrases which have a large amount of monthly searches but just a few sites using them. These should be your target. When you found have a great one, you are able to go and obtain that domain from any domain store like Go-Daddy. After having a domain name, you have to host your website somewhere (we suggest you try Hostgator). After that, you can use WordPress to style your website. Join affiliate marketing websites After establishing your website, you are able to join affiliate marketing websites like ClickBank, Amazon, Commission Junction, Linkshare, and so on. Just search for the products, be they physical or digital, that you desire to sell. Get those products and place them on your website. Sell affiliate products on your site The great thing about internet marketing is that you are able to just grab products from affiliate sites, free of charge, then sell them on your websites. Just make your reviews, tutorials, (or whatever) on your site to advertise those products. Then, once a visitor comes and buys the products you are promoting, you’ll make some commission. So that’s how simple affiliate marketing is. The thing you need here, however, is effort and patience. It won’t cause you to get rich quickly but, if you really put some effort into it, you will profit over the long run.

The Link Between Products, Key Words and Prospects

Finding success in e-commerce can be boiled right down to one theme: Identify the prospect’s requirements and supply an answer for them. It is that easy. You need to print that statement out and fix it across your monitor. In the event that you stray out of this theme, you’ll have issues earning money. Key-word research may be the key to pinpointing the prospect’s requirements. When doing the keyword study, you need to identify the phrases they’re using to find answers to their needs. Most people appreciate this concept, but neglect to advance the procedure. Lots of folks have said they don’t wish to pursue rankings under some key words because they don’t feature such products or services. Should you have ever said this as well, you are ruining things for yourself. Remember, we’re pinpointing the requirements of prospects. If we don’t have services or products oriented to an easily identified need then we determine, through key word research, what we should do! We must get these products and services, or decide on a method to acquire the service! Assume we now have a website trying to sell hiking and backpacking gear. We now have backpacks, guide books, tents etc. When conducting our key word research, we discover our prospects will also be searching for hiking journals by which they are able to describe their hikes. As we do not stock hiking journals, you want to omit those key words, correct? NO! You want to look for a type of writing journal for hiking and add them to the catalogue of products and services. Rather than looking upon this keyword discovery as an irrelevance, you should see it as a chance to expand your product line and create a new revenue stream.

We value our prospects, which means providing them with answers to all their needs. In so doing, they’ll return to our site over and over once they require more hiking gear. One of the hardest concepts for web-masters to understand is the truth that you shouldn’t design your website predicated on your opinion of your industry. Your prospects should design it. By this, I am talking about the value of using key-word research to determine all of the products and / or services you will offer. Often, a bit of simple keyword research can throw up some unique angles relating to your business that you would never have thought of yourself. Recognize and utilize this to your advantage to better fulfil market demand. Discover what your prospects are looking for and ignore anything else. Follow this advice and your website will transform into a cash machine.

The Front and Back of Sales Funnels

The sales funnel is really a methodical marketing procedure where you systematically qualify your prospects in to clients and, additionally, refine them in to hyper-responsive clients. Your client base gets smaller as your bottom line increases as you provide more expensive products to your hyper-responsive clients. The front-end may be the most dynamic facet of your sales funnel and the part that needs continuous experimentation. You will find, literally, endless front-end methods, restricted purely by your imagination and resources. The focus at your front end would be to attract and qualify people who possess an inclination to buy your items further down the sales funnel. Generally, the qualification happens whenever a person opts-in to get something from you. It’s this opt in stage that turns your every day web surfer right into a lead, given that they’ve just carried out an action indicating that they, at the very least, possess some desire to have what you’ve got. There are all types of front end marketing tools: becoming a member of a contact newsletter, subscribing to a weblog via RSS or email notifications, opting-in together with your name and email to down-load a complimentary report, registering for a totally free on-line service or ticking a box to get more information in regards to a product / topic when subscribing to something (co-registration). The front end involves attracting attention and enticing people in to the sales funnel. But, generally, it’s in the back end where, in fact, the profits are created. Your back end consists of your more expensive items. Essentially, we’re referring to meeting exactly the same demand (inside a niche), just with alternative media. This may include information distributed via audio, visually, live or privately. The particular distinction between your front end and the back end is about the kind of customer and the cost paid.

In the back end, all of your clients have travelled through the front end, tried your complimentary materials, bought a basic level service or product and also have experienced substantial value from what you’ve offered. So much so, that they’re wanting to purchase again from you. It’s common that only a tiny percent, say 1-2%, of the entire people entering your front end will end up in the back end. That’s ok, because that small group are spending a lot of money. While front end products and services may cost under $100, back end products are often priced in the hundreds or thousands. The back end is the main profit source for business since it is stable and predictable and this is the major reason for establishing a back end to begin with.

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