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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Role Playing Game Basics
Chapter 2:
Choose Your Game
Chapter 3:
Hooking Up With Like Minded Players
Chapter 4:
What about the Game Master
Chapter 5:
Choose Characters and Options
Chapter 6:
Know the Rules
Chapter 7:
Make Sure To Have Fun
Chapter 8:
Getting In the Player Mindset
Chapter 9:
The Best Role Playing Games
Chapter 10:
Learning To Separate These Games from Reality

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Chapter 2: Choose Your Game


Are you now ready to take in the scene and reach a wider scope of your creative imagination? Do want to be the hero in your own story or maybe the villain? No matter what you prefer to be, you will surely acquire it in the best role playing game. So, how do you achieve this? Of course, you can obtain this through the best chosen game. You may want to discover how to choose the best game with the tips provided by this chapter.

Pick The Best Game At Play!

Role Playing Game is indeed very enjoyable and exciting. However, this may only be achieved once you get to choose the game that is best suited to your requirements and personal preferences. The following steps should guide you to the best role playing game suited for you:

Step 1: Be aware of the type of RPGs you like and want. For instance, do you appreciate those games which allow you from taking turns, or are you the type of person who appreciates real time attacks?
First Hand Shooters can be a great choice. An example of a fine first hand shooter is the Metroid Prime: Hunters of the Nintendo DS. Actually, it is another thing you have to consider.

Step 2: Choose your preferred type of game control. Do you like to use a console or portable one? This question would be a huge help for giving you the best game that you will love. If you are an on-the-run type of gamer, you may freely go with the portable one and be able to bring your action story in any place you would go to. On the other hand, if you are more of the must-concentrate type, a console could be your best pick.

Step 3: Choose the game with the characters you prefer to be in play. Picking the game you like to play may mean taking into considerations the characters that will be in play.
Do you want to play a game with heroic characters or the ones with some sort of monsters in it? Are you fond of viewing and controlling villain characters? No matter what your pick might be, there is always something for you in Role Playing Games. However, you just have to be certain about the game you want to have in play.

Step 4: Go for the game with the best gaming options. The options you will use when playing a game is indeed very important. It might make or break your enjoyment upon playing the game. Hence, you certainly need to decide choose the game that is complemented with the best options suited to what you like.

Step: Lastly, decide the level of game you want to play. In choosing your desired game, you have to decide on the level of its complexity. There are other games that are more complex as compared to others. Hence, you should make sure to go with the ones with favorable level of complexity.

Considering these steps when choosing the game you want to play will lead you to enjoying the whole process.

Chapter 3: Hooking Up With Like Minded Players


Online games do not only serve as a form of entertainment. It may also be performed to develop one’s socializing skills. Once you get engaged in a certain role playing game, you will likely to cooperate with other players. It is needed for you to have the proper cooperative skills so as to become efficient and successful with game playing. Know how to better hook up with likeminded players.

Play to Socialize

Playing a Role Playing Game is quite different than other typical online games. Unlike other dependently played games, role playing games encourage players from socializing with other people as it requires collaboration among players.

In a Role Playing Game, you will need to find and form a group of players with interest same as yours. You will have to locate those people who are also interested about playing these types of games just as you are. Generally, a role playing game is a social activity, which needs cooperation among RPG players. Therefore, once you have decided on the form of game you wish to give emphasis tom, it is then the time to search for 2 to 3 other people who are interested in similar thing.

You may find these people within discussion forums in which RPG players are talking about the same thing that they are interested in. By browsing through these forums or blogs, you will get a better idea on how you will be able to make your playing even more successful and enjoyable. In fact, you may even find more helpful details about the strategies and techniques you can use as you play your game.

In RPG discussion forums, you may even get to have a word with like-minded players within chat rooms. In this case, you can ask them about suggestions with respect to the specific game you are playing. In the same way, you may also like to share your thoughts about the game that may also help the ones who do not know about them yet. Hence, you will then create a mutualism relationship on which both of the involved participants are acquiring benefits from the conversation.

Therefore, this only means that participating and playing a Role Playing Game is not just for fun, but it also offers you the chance to collaborate with others.

Chapter 4: What About The Game Master


In every story, there is someone who drives the scene. This also applies to the law of Role Playing Games. Hence, when playing a role playing game with the like-minded players, you will need to decide who the Game Master will be. In most cases, it should be the one who is aware about the rules more than others. Hence, to know about the roles of a game master, this chapter will explain it better.

Who Sits Behind the Screen?

Referred to as the person who sits behind the screen, a Game Master is known for several other names such as Lore Master, Dungeon Master, Referee, The Computer, Storyteller, Spymaster and a lot more. The Game Master (GM) is considered as one of the most important participants at the table. It does not literally mean that a run at the urge of the game master not it belongs to him. In a standard role playing session, when the game master is none existent, the players will likely to resort to boringly playing with board games, card games, or simply get home to sleep.

To simply put, the GM is in charge nominally of the entire role playing game as well as the way it is run. The game master technically has a number of responsibilities to fulfill. These responsibilities basically include the following:

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