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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Relationship Resolutions Basics
Chapter 2:
Take Care Of Yourself First
Chapter 3:
Learn How To Have The Benefit Of The Doubt Mentality
Chapter 4:
Change Your “Blame Them” Mentality
Chapter 5:
Learn More About The Projecting Mindset
Chapter 6:
Build Compassion
Chapter 7:
Change Your Mindset Thinking Before You Speak
Chapter 8:
Maintain Your Own Boundaries
Chapter 9:
Use Affirmations To Stay On Course
Chapter 10:
The Benefits Of Your Relationship Resolution

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Chapter 2

Take Care Of Yourself First


There are some people who end up forgetting about themselves once they become a part of a relationship. However, for a relationship to work, it is important that both parties know how to take care of one’s self for them to better take care of each other. Discover the importance of taking care of yourself first before anything else.

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection” ― Gautama Buddha

Self-Care is the Key for a Better Relationship

Taking care of yourself when in a relationship is as important as tending to the relationship itself. It is a must that you take care of yourself prior to fixing your relationship. Here, you can apply the old adage stating that you can never give away things that you do not have. Until you feel happy and peaceful, you will never have a happy and peaceful relationship.

If you choose to skip such steps and jump right away to your trouble relationship’s murky waters, chances are you will be going straight down under. This is the reason why you need to do everything in your power so that you can stabilize yourself prior to getting this over your head.

Prior to confronting the core issues of your relationship, first, you need to follow the following steps in order to increase the chance of being successful.

Commit to Staying Okay Whatever Happens Along the Way

Promise to yourself that you will still take care of yourself and remain okay whatever will happen in your relationship. Once your happiness completely depends with your partner being there by your side all the time, you will end up feeling powerless and fearful. This will then mean that there is more likely that you will be engaging in ineffective actions like pleading and begging. When this happens more often, the less will your partner want to stick to the relationship. Why is that?

A good reason for this is that your partner will see you as someone emotionally dependent and needy. The things that another person will do for your sake will still be not enough for you because you will always expect more from that person. It is something that will not escape your partner and will make him/her fearful of being consumed and eaten up by your unending demands for care and attention.

One more reason is that it can be a real burden for one person to feel completely responsible for another’s happiness. Majority of people feel the need of running away if this is the case. The partner who tries to be everything to another will then feel anger and resentment when place in this kind of demanding position, thus snuffing out any sense of fun and playfulness that are vital to have an enduring relationship.

When you respect yourself and believe in your own capacity of thriving whether you are in a relationship or single, you will surely come from a place full of strength and empowerment. These two attributes can attract other people and provoke respect, which will then make you a more desirable and lovable partner.

Commit to Staying Happy With Your Life Despite Feeling Miserable

There is no need for you to wait to plan some fun activities you can do on your own until you get your relationship perfect. If you want, you can join classes where you can learn interesting past times such as gourmet cooking, playing the guitar or such. List down places in your area or others nearby that you plan to visit. Learn brand new skills, brand out, and broaden your own personal world.

When you have fun and stay active, you will feel much happier and even contented with yourself. On top of that, this will make you more attractive to the eyes of your partner. When you lead your own life with gusto, have a sense of adventure and take good care of yourself, no matter what state your relationship might be in, you will increase the likelihood of your partner wanting to spend more time with you.

Chapter 3

Learn How To Have The Benefit Of The Doubt Mentality


No relationship will thrive and become successful if one is always doubtful of the other’s words, feelings, and actions. Having the so-called benefit of the doubt mentality can greatly help in changing the flow of your relationship to the best direction.

“Love chooses to believe the best about people. It gives them the benefit of the doubt. It refuses to fill in the unknowns with negative assumptions. And when our worst hopes are proven to be true, love makes every effort to deal with them and move forward. As much as possible, love focuses on the positive.”

Stephen Kendrick, The Love Dare

Give Your Partner the Benefit of the Doubt

Have you ever done some stupid, dumb or hurtful things which greatly affected your partner? Chances are almost all persons in this world have unintentionally or intentionally hurt someone they love. In fact, research showed that a lot of people will do anything hurtful to their partner in all long term relationships.

All relationships are bound to experience their own share of conflicts. Whether it is confusion, misunderstandings or disagreements, if you known and have been someone pretty long enough, eventually, something will take place that will result to tension. People will make you feel frustrated, angry, disappointed, hurt, or upset. Your partner is human, just like you, so there is actually no way to get around this. Once such situations happen, will you respond with anger or will you give your partner the benefit of the doubt?

When you give another person the benefit of the doubt, it only means that when you still lack all the needed information, even in times of conflict, you will still be willing to assume the best, set aside the negative judgment and respond in a favorable way. Love itself can give the benefit of the doubt. It will not make the mind filled with the negative assumptions. It will seek to work its way around the difficult situations even after being proven wrong or getting disappointed.

As stated on the Bible, love is something that “bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.” Love is not naïve and instead, it gives the benefit of the doubt. Love chooses to see the best in other people. You do not just give this kind of benefit simply because you want to. More importantly, you give your partner the benefit of the doubt because you choose to and because you love. This act is selfless. So, how will you successfully give your partner the benefit of the doubt?


Knowing how to love someone is the key here. You simply cannot expect one person to completely accept you for who you are and then expect perfection from them. This love is not unconditional. Conditional loving is based in selfishness, something that will not let you give a person the benefit of the doubt.


Patience is needed when looking for the truth and trying to resolve conflict. Jumping to conclusions is not part of giving benefit of the doubt.


It is important to try putting yourself in the shoes of the other person. For all you know, they are probably afraid of being themselves to due rejection, abandonment or any other issues. Just assume that your partner has tried to be truthful and grow with you before working with them towards it.


The last but definitely not the least thing that you need is to learn to forgive and forget. Never let yourself dwell in bitterness. When you finally let your initial anger go, let it stay in the past and do not let it cloud your mind over again.

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