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There’s a misconception that nice, shy and good guys finish last! I’m here to tell you it is far from the truth. While a lot of nice guys experience a life of being overlooked by the women they desire (which is usually because of their shyness), it’s just a phase they go through to appreciate themselves better. Generally, that phase occurs between the ages of twelve through thirty. It can, and sometimes does, last longer.

Over the next few minutes, I will explain to you in detail why nice guys do not finish last anymore and in the foreseeable future! It’s not as complicated as you think. Actually, it’s so simple if you are a nice, shy or good guy it will give you hope that things will work out for you in the woman department.

However, there are three requirements that will assure you are at the head of the line when women begin to pick their life partner. The requirements, while considered small things, are very, very, very important. Want to know what they are? Keep reading!

There’s a trend in the United States, and around the world, that’s been ongoing for at least two decades. There are more girls being born than boys. That means there are more women than there are men. This may not be important to you right now but it plays a huge role as to why nice guys finish first and not last!

It is usually around thirty years of age that women begin to contemplate their future regarding marriage, kids and settling down. Unfortunately, at that stage in life many men are either in jail, on or abusing drugs, gay/homosexual,

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