Real Estate Essentials: Explode Your Passive Income Through Mastering Real Estate Investments Plr Ebook

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1:
The Art of Real Estate Investments

Chapter 2:
What to Consider Before Investing in Real Estate

Chapter 3:
Simple Techniques of Investing in Real Estate

Chapter 4:
Risks Involved in Real Estate Investment

Chapter 5:
The Main Challenges Facing Real Estate Investors

Chapter 6:
Qualities of Successful Real Estate Investors

Chapter 7:
How to Succeed in Real Estate Investments

Wrapping Up

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Chapter 1:

The Art of Real Estate Investments


In this chapter you will learn what exactly it means to invest in real estate. If you are new in this industry, this will give you a great insight of how this kind of investment really works.

You will also learn the basics of real estate.

– Definition of real estate
– Real estate investing
– A real estate investor

You can’t invest in an industry that you don’t know about. For this reason, you have to familiarize yourself with real estate before even thinking about any investments.

Definition of Real Estate

Real estate is a term used in legal circles to refer to any piece of land. It also refers to all the developments done on the land. This includes all the building and the fencing around the land. If there are any other developments on the land such as boreholes or water wells they are also included as part of the real estate.

However, if there are any developments on the land that are movable, they won’t be considered as part of the real estate. This is because, when the immovable parts of the land are considered as part of it. If you sell or buy the land, you will get these parts.

However, the movable fixtures can be considered as property of the current owner. They can be sold or removed from the land at any given time.

Real estate is governed by a set of laws called Real estate laws. The laws govern all the Real estate. They govern aspects such as jurisdiction, purchasing and development of land.

Real estate is mainly categorized into two main divisions. There is commercial and residential real estate. Commercial real estate basically refers to the financial aspect or business aspect of real estate. It entails the buying and selling of real estate for a variety of purposes.

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