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Table of Contents


Chapter 1:
Product Basics

Chapter 2:
Understand Your Interests

Chapter 3:
Examine Top Products At Clickbank That Fit Your Interests

Chapter 4:
Examine Top Products At Amazon That Fit Your Interests

Chapter 5:
Examine Top Rivals That Fit Your Interests

Chapter 6:
Determine What Is Missing From Your Research

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Chapter 1:

Product Basics


Working from home means that an individual will have no travelling to do, their overheads will be small and they will have considerable freedom with their time usage.

The Basics

With only a small number of resources it is possible for an individual to go into business as an online retailer. It would be necessary to have a computer with internet access and an email account.

A person would need to establish a credit or debit facility to be able to pay for any product or service. Some thought and outlay would be necessary to set up a website or sales page and it would be advisable to organize web hosting so that they could operate twenty four hours a day. The most important consideration and investment of all would be securing product or a service to sell.

Online selling involves three possible options. It is possible to sell physical products such as cosmetics or shoes, to sell downloadable products such as software or e books or else to sell a service online.

Online sellers could operate by selling a product of their own or else they sell other people’s products. By selling their own product on line an operator has the opportunity to reach a huge market and to reduce their capital investment in physical premises.

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