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Ebook Table Of Contents

Introduction    3-4
Who Are You Going To Sell To?    4-6
Start Building Credibility As A Business Person    6-7
Blogs    7
Micro-Blogs Like Twitter    7-8
Forums    8
Article Directories    9
Social News Sharing Or Rating Sites    9-10
Planning Out Your Pre-Launch    10
Affiliate Program    10-11
Getting Affiliates    12
Getting People To Signup For Your Affiliate Program    12-13
Make It Worth Their While    13
Offer Good Incentives    14
Allow Them To Review The Item    15
Promotion    12-13
Email Marketing Campaign    15-16
Write A Free Report    17
Make A Video    18-19
Podcast/Audio Content    19-21
Press Release    21-24
Creative Ways To Get People Interested In Your Product    25
Offer A Sampling    25-26
Limited Offers    26
Discuss The Product    27
Run A Contest    27
Teleseminars And Webinars    28
Ecourses    29
Pay-Per-Click Advertising    29-30
Joint Ventures    30-31
Getting Ready    31
Communicate With Affiliates    31-32
Get The Product Landing Page Set Up    32-33
Avoid These Common Mistakes    34-27
In Conclusion    38

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Informational products are one of the biggest money makers on the internet. People have a need and a desire to learn new things about all sorts of topics. Informational products are the solutions to those needs.

EBooks, video series and the like are being sold like hotcakes every day, because people want to tap into that knowledge and learn things for themselves. Internet Marketers are cashing into that need and creating their products to sell.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to successfully get their product out there to create a big enough desire for huge profits. Most people find they obtain small amounts of sales coming in sporadically and they just can’t figure out what exactly they’re doing wrong.

Oftentimes, the answer to their problem is in the way they launch it. Simply creating an info product and setting up a web page isn’t enough to get people to come. There are other important steps that need to be taken in order to see their money- making dream come true.

When searching the internet for information about launching products, you may come across some hype that gear you up for instant overnight success without doing any work to get it. They focus on selling you on the idea of gaining success and leave out much of the important information, which is how to get it.

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