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Table Of Contents

Intro: What Are Private Label Rights (PLR) Products? 4
Part 1: Why Create Private Label Rights Products? 5
Part 2: Creating PLR Products is a Repeating Process 6
Part 3: The Steps from Topic Choice to Finishing Touches 7
Part 4: Marketing & Promotion – Turning Your Effort Into Cash 22
Part 5: Recommended Resources 25

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Intro: What Are Private Label Rights (PLR) Products?

You’ve no doubt seen “Private Label Rights” and “Resell Rights” titles thrown around all over the Internet. And many times these products and the rights they include can be confusing. But it’s important to know the difference because they are NOT the same and you can get into serious trouble by violating copyright laws if you’re not careful.

Furthermore, you want to make sure you understand them so when creating and distributing your own products you don’t give away more than you want to by mistake or experience weak sales because you didn’t use the right language in explaining your offer.

So, really simply, in general terms here are the basic rights. They each have variations, but this will give you an idea:

1) Unrestricted Private Label Rights – the most flexible of all rights and therefore most valuable. You can do nearly anything with these products including renaming, branding and selling as your own, editing, and bundling with other products in a package. You can also give them away, and you can sell or giveaway rights for others to resell, master resell, or private label. The danger with giving these rights is nothing prevents buyers from turning around and selling them the same day at ½ price and “stealing” your sales.

2) Private Label Rights – similar to unrestricted in that you can rewrite, edit, and call products your own. But usually they have some limitations like only sell above a certain price and cannot give for free.

3) Master Resell Rights – Resell Rights, vs. Private Label Rights allow you to resell products but not edit them in any way. You cannot call them your own, you cannot add or edit the content. With Master Resell Rights, you can also give away the resell rights to others, and often you can give away the Master Resell Rights, allowing others to resell the resell rights.

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