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There needs to be sufficient demand for a niche to make it viable. If the niche is very small then you will fail. Without enough demand you will not make much money whatever you do. Fortunately there is a very easy (and free) way to check the demand for a niche.

Commercial intent is all about whether people are spending money in the niche or not. There are some very sizeable niches out there where the commercial intent is very low so you need to avoid these. We will show you a few ways that you can check for commercial intent in this section.

To check for demand you need to use the Google Keyword Planner. This is a free tool which will tell you the estimated number of searches for search terms (keywords) on Google. Google is the number one search engine so you don’t need to worry about the others.

You will need a free Google Adwords account to use the Google Keyword Planner. Once you are in the Planner all you need to do is enter a seed keyword which best describes the niche idea. An example of this could be “online dating tips”.

The great thing about the Google Keyword Planner is that it will not only show you the estimated searches for your seed keyword but it will also provide some other related keyword suggestions with the estimated search volumes for these as well.

How many searches make a niche viable? Well we recommend that there are at least 10,000 searches every month for your seed keyword. Eliminate any niche ideas that do not meet this criterion. Just run all your niche ideas through this niche size checking process.

The next step is to check for commercial intent. You need to know whether people are spending money in the niches that you have left on your list. The ideal niche is one where you can promote both physical and digital products. If there is a bias towards one or the other it isn’t a problem.

You can use a number of different websites to look for commercial intent with your niche ideas: – again we will use Amazon to see if money is being spent in niches. Just go to the home page and type in your seed keyword for every niche idea. Amazon is essentially a physical products store but they do sell electronic books for Kindle users so don’t worry if you think that a niche idea is more suited to digital products.

What you are looking for here is the number of products available and the number of reviews for the best selling products. It is generally accepted that a single review on Amazon means that at least 10 people purchased the product and as many as 1,000.

Only a small number of people will leave a review so if there are hundreds or even thousands of reviews then this is a good sign of commercial intent. You want the best selling products (including books) to have at least 100 reviews.

Clickbank,com – go to the Affiliate Marketplace and search using your seed keyword. Check to see how many products exist and their gravity. The gravity score is a good indicator of recent sales. Look for products that have a gravity of around 20 upwards.

Google Ads – this is very easy to do. Just go to and enter your seed keyword. Look for Google Ads in the search results. If there are a number of ads then this is a good sign of commercial intent. Google Ads are expensive and advertisers wouldn’t use them if there was no spending in the niche.

You can also use the Google Keyword Planner to check this. The “Competition” column will tell you what the competition is for ads with a keyword. If this is “high” or “medium” then advertisers are showing ads for these keywords.

There are other ways that you can check for commercial intent. Other affiliate websites such as Commission Junction and Share A Sale have statistics available for best selling products etc. You can also check for groups on social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. If there is an established group with lots of members there is usually commercial intent.

OK so when you have tested your niche ideas you will be left with a few that have the potential for success. Take a look at all of the ideas and decide how you feel about them. Do you have any interest already in any of the niches? If not could you become really interested in any of them?

Once you have made your final decision it is time to setup your niche website…

Before you do anything else you need to conduct some detailed keyword research that will form the backbone of your niche website. The most successful niche websites have a lot of web pages ranking on the first page of Google and the other search engines. SEO (search engine optimization) is best achieved by identifying the best keywords for your niche.

You can find hundreds of keywords for your niche by using the Google Keyword Planner. This tool will provide you a number of related keywords and you can use these to search for even more keywords. There are other keyword research tools that you can use if you want to.

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